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BackJoy Orthotic Seat and Portable Posture Support

BackJoy literally "cups" your bottom to remove pressure points while BackJoy tilts forward to improve upright posture. Functions as an inexpensive portable seating orthotic.

We are currently not offering the BackJoy Orthotic Seat. Please see the following product alternatives:
Gseat Gel Cushion Wedge

Memory Foam Seat Wedge
BackJoy for office chair
BackJoy Portable Size
12.75"W x 4.50"H x 16.50"L
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Quantity: $39.95 each
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BackJoy Cupping and Lifting Pressure Off the Tailbone
BackJoy Cupping Support
Weight Is Distributed Evenly & Properly
  • BackJoy cradles your bottom to relieve pressure.
  • Molded of durable tempured foam and plastic. Comfortable breathable cover.
  • Prevents flattening out of the gluteal muscles thus lessening the weight bearing pressure on the ischial tuberosities.
  • Tilts forward to facilitate a correct, upright posture thus reducing back strain.
  • Use BackJoy for home, office or auto. Also great at church or sports events.
  • BackJoy is Lightweight and easily portable.
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Back Be Nimble BBB Business Review
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