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TENS Dual Channel Unit - Medical Pain Control

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birthday gift

--- Mon May 04 18:27:06 MDT 2009


birthday gift

--- Sat May 02 11:41:31 MDT 2009

Deborah Boyer

Helps with pain relief, but can be bothersome to wear for long periods of time

--- Thu Feb 02 20:53:31 MST 2006


Brad: I've known about TENS treatment for pain for about as long as I've had neck and lower back pain. Finally, I was in a bad auto crash and everything just got worse. So I ordered your device. The results are gratifying. Placing the pads around in different spots has eliminated the knotted muscles in my upper back and neck. My lower back pain is much diminished. I still am stooped when I rise from sitting or bending over work, but am able pretty quickly to get erect. I've always tended to allow my shoulders to slouch; I'm getting an upper brace to try to eliminate that symptom. So I guess you could say I'm totally pleased with my purchase. Feel free to use me as an endorser. --W.C.

--- Fri Jun 10 20:54:06 MDT 2005

Willie McCraney

Good design; sturdy, well-made; easy to set up and use. I've used it for two days, looking for the best spots for the fitments. First time in years I've been able to stand straight comfortably.

--- Thu May 05 23:17:24 MDT 2005

Harry VanDyck

This is the greatest invention known to man! And its size and portability make it especially useful for anytime use. My back is healing as we speak!

--- Wed May 04 14:32:20 MDT 2005

this machine is great for pain reduction!!!

--- Mon Apr 05 06:32:28 MDT 2004

Nancy Ann

I love my tens unit, I called and ordered my tens unit,I got it within days..I have to say I love it and I use it everyday..and it has helped my Fibromyalgia..I couldn't hardly walk and after a week using my tens unit I could use the muscles again in my legs and I have felt great! If you have back problems, Fibromyalgia, Etc..This is a great tens unit! It is worth your money.. Thank's Back Be Nimble, Nancy Ann

--- Sat Apr 03 18:51:47 MDT 2004

R. Vrettos

A great buy and a great product! I highly recommend the TENS unit and I highly recommend purchasing through Back Be Nimble. Excellent price and prompt service.

--- Sat Mar 13 15:20:58 MST 2004

Anthony Esteves

I highly recommend this tens unit! A great price for a great product. Thanks to all @ Back Be Nimble!

--- Thu Oct 16 18:42:04 MDT 2003

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