Self Help Advice for Heel Spurs and/or Plantar Fasciitis

Should you use a really comfortable cushion to soothe your heel condition?

Certainly, putting a cushion under a heel spur can temporarily soothe heel spurs and/or plantar fasciitis. However, this is similar to taking an aspirin and will likely only provide temporary relief. It is best not to put such a pillow under the foot, but instead to properly support the arch of the foot relieving tension on the plantar fascia. This is a more sensible approach for relieving pressure on the point where the plantar fascia attaches to the heel. Excessive tension on this attachment is what actually leads to heel spur formation.

Secondly, you must "cup the heel" with an orthotic containing a heel cup that will actually elicit side pressure and squeeze your own natural fat pad which is what protects the heel in the first place. Most heel spur sufferers have somehow compressed and flattened out their fat pad, subjecting the heel to undue stress and increased inflammation.

Other important factors to consider:

  1. You must never ever go bare foot, even in the shower. You must get yourself some rubber supportive massage sandals with little massaging bumps to wear in the shower. Keep them by your bed and slip your feet in to them first thing, so your heels never touch the floor.

  2. You must never allow inflammation to build up in the plantar fascia. Therefore, if you you get sore during the day, make sure to soak your feet in ice water at night for 10-15 minutes. This works better than cortisone shots.

  3. You must have great flexibility in your achilles tendon and calves because tightness there is transmitted to the plantar fascia as a compensatory effect. Therefore, after walking or warming the calves somehow, you must stretch them while wearing shoes with a good supportive orthotic (never barefoot and never with your muscles cold)

  4. The last issue might be going to a deep tissue massage therapist whom can work to loosen the plantar fascia and elongate the muscles of the calf, particularly one called the "posterior tibialis" that is quite often implicated in heel pain problems and/or mistaken misdiagnosed as plantar fasciitis.

If you wear a good orthotic like Superfeet, a good rubber soled shoe, and you follow the above instructions, you have the best chance of keeping your heel spur/plantar fascitis issues under control.

In our opinion, SuperFeet Orthotic Insoles - (click here) make the best over the counter orthotic choice for heel spurs, plantar fascitis or just general supportive control of the foot and ankle.

Those of us at Back Be Nimble wish you great success and relief of pain.

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