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SuperFeet Premium Insoles - Foot Comfort Orthotics

SuperFeet Insole Styles
Green Superfeet Active Green Insoles
High Profile: for footwear with removable inner soles (e.g. running, crosstrain, hiking etc.)
Blue Superfeet Active Blue Insoles
Medium Profile: for casuals and active sport with less room, often without removable inner soles (e.g. non-roomy sport shoes, oxfords and dress shoes)
Black Superfeet Active Black Insoles
Low Volume Footwear:
for snug fitting shoes (e.g. high heel up to 2", cycling, soccer, wrestling, dance, ski or skate)
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Do Your Feet Hurt? Buy Superfeet Insoles
Do Your Feet Hurt?

Chances are 90% that you said "yes". Statistics show that 270 million people in the USA alone suffer from foot discomfort from time to time. Footcare and comfortable orthotic insoles are a 500 million dollar per year business. Superfeet offers one of the best solutions with their premium, trim-to-fit orthotic insoles for just about every shoe and foot problem.

Why not get the relief you have been seeking? Only Superfeet insoles offer a synergistic approach to foot comfort and performance.

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All Superfeet footbeds are designed to allow the foot to function as nature intended - with 100% comfort throughout the stride.
Superfeet in golf shoes
If your feet could describe their daily routine, it would appear two-dimensional; i.e. flat floors, flat pavement, flat roads and flat-soled footwear. Our feet were not meant to walk or run on a paved planet. The intention was to walk, run and perhaps jump over obstacles like logs, rocks and streams. Why head to the outdoors in footwear that doesn't meet the challenge? Superfeet footbeds deliver ideal foot positioning for natural comfort during a multitude of pursuits. When comfortable, you perform better. Whether you are a runner, skier, hiker, golfer, walker, dancer, cyclist, snowboarder or someone with sore feet, Superfeet's incomparable comfort and benefits will create happy feet.

Jeff Coston wears Superfeet
Increase comfort, performance, & control with Trim to FitTM technology developed by Superfeet. Without a doubt, the most comfortable and best performing off the shelf orthotic on the market today!

Superfeet sponsors a team of professional athletes who are among the best in their disciplines. From skiers to runners, these incredible people bring back invaluable feedback from the edge of human performance. With this feedback Superfeet is able to better tweak and improve their products. We're obsessed with performance.

From heel to toe, Superfeet offers in all 3 arches of the foot for 100% of the stride. Do what you love to do; longer and without discomfort.

"...The foundation of a great swing is a balanced stance..."
--Jeff Coston, 1995/1996 PGA Northwest Player of the Year

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