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ErgoStyle ES2000 Gen II Elevating Adjusting Tables ES9300 & ES9320

ErgoStyle Elevating Model ES9300 - Beige
ErgoStyle Elevating Model ES9300 - Beige
ErgoStyle Elevating Model ES9300 - Beige
ES9300 Elevating Adjusting Table(3 manual drops)
ES9320 Elevating Auto-cocking Drop Table
Elevation/Lower Foot Control
ErgoStyle Auto-Cocking On/Off Control Panel
Manual and ErgoStyle Accelerated Auto-cocking Mechanism
Popular Versatile ES95004 Headpiece
Elevation/Lower Foot Control

ErgoStyle ES2000 Adjusting Tables - Gen 2 offer onboard smooth electric elevation. This is a standard feature of the ES2000 Gen II Series and qualifies both the ErgoStyle ES9300 and ES9320 models for an ADA Tax Credit.

Modular/Easy Upgrades facilitating easy modifications and upgrades in your office as the practice grows and techniques diversify. In other words, with PHS tables like ErgoStyle, you can upgrade and customize your table to meet your practice needs without sending the table back to Pivotal Health Solutions.

"Patented Accelerated Drop Piece Technology", is exclusive to Pivotal Health Systems(PHS), and considered by many doctors to be best in class. This drop mechanism spans and provides stable support across the entire cushion. In comparison, many competitors use a single, center "pin" technology to support the drops on adjusting tables. PHS exclusive technology affords more precise application of pressure from all angles, greater patient relaxation; and a more effective adjustment with less force.

Easier on Patients & Doctors: these factors provide for a more pleasant patient experience, while less energy is expended by the doctor. On tables with pin-drop technology, the drop tension changes as forces are applied lateral to center of the drop section. This applies when adjusting a hip, SI Joint, shoulder, etc.

Lloyd Chiropractic Tables vs. ErgoStyle ES2000 Gen II Tables

Generally, both ErgoStyle and Lloyd are unsurpassed for features and quality among chiropractic treatment tables. However, many chiropractors have sited one particular feature whereby the ErgoStyle table excels beyond the Lloyd Adjusting Tables. ErgoStyle comes in a wider width facilitating easy turning and patient re-positioning for various techniques. Lloyd table is sometimes perceived as too narrow for easy patient turning.

  • ES9300(120v) is the basic ErgoStyle ES2000 Electric Elevation Table that includes all standard features described under that "Features & Specs" tab below.
  • ES9320(120v) is a full-featured Electric Elevation & Auto-cocking Total Drop Adjusting Table which includes: Thoracic, Lumbar, and Pelvic Drops with dual-sided Auto-cocking Foot Pedals & Manual Drop Capability onboard and you can watch a Demo Video of ErgoStyle Model ES 9320 Auto-cocking Feature
DropsDrop Table Add Ons: 1) When ordering the basic elevating model-ES9300, you may optionally select manual thoracic, lumbar and/or pelvic drop options. Cervical drop capability is offered depending on the Headpiece/Facerest selected.
2) When ordering model-ES9320, thoracic, lumbar & pelvic Accelerated Auto-Cocking Drop Mechanisms are standard inclusions. NOTE: all auto-cocking drops have manual drop capability as well (image of both mechanisms to right).

Cervical drop features are optional add ons on either model depending on the Headpiece/Facerest selected.

IMPORTANT: please note that to use the auto-cocking feature(on model-ES9320) you must have a compatible silent-rated compressor to power the auto-cocking feature. The suggested compressor option maybe selected during table configuration below the following info tabs... 

Features &
Warranty &

Standard Features:
  • Electric elevation from 20-32"
  • Single foot pedal for elevation
  • Expanding covers over lifting mechanism
  • Tilting headpiece with adjustable sewn face cushions
  • 22.5 in. wide seamless cushions with multi-density foam
  • Locking 6 in. extending ankle rest
  • Stationary chest cushion
  • Stationary pelvic cushion
  • Paper roll holder and cutter
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Dual-sided auto-cocking foot pedals included when selecting model ES9320 with standard auto-cocking and manual capabilities
  • ADA compliant
Table Upgrade Options:
  • Multiple Headpiece/Facerest Upgrades(including cervical drops)
  • Breakaway Elevate/Decline vs. Stationary Chest Cushion
  • Breakaway Elevate/Decline vs. Stationary Pelvic Cushion
  • Manual Drop Section Options:(std. on ES9320) Thoracic, Lumbar, Pelvic
  • Dual-sided Elevation Foot Control
  • Silent Compressor to Power Auto-cocking Mechanisms
  • Lifting capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Overall dimensions in use:
       L 70 in. x W 28 in. x H 20-32 in.
  • Extended maximum length with ankle extension: L 76 in.
  • Cushion width: 22.5 in.
  • Rated voltage: 120V
  • Rated frequency: 60Hz/50Hz
  • Current: 2.7 Amp
  • Duty cycle: Intermittent-Max: 1 Minute On, 9 Minutes Off (this short duty cycle helps prevent overheating)

6 months to pay Low Cost Business Financing for chiropractic adjusting and therapy tables for spas, salons, chiropractic and healthcare practices
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ES2000 Gen II Elevation Series Chiropractic Tables - PHS
Basic Product Selection

ErgoStyle ES9300 Elevating Table

List $5077 ... $4720
ErgoStyle ES9320 Elevating/Auto-cocking Drop Table 120v

List $8102 ... $7535
Select Your Preferred Manual Drops for your ES9300 model only - you may select multiple drop options below.                  

ES58353 - $530 - Thoracic Manual Drop
ES58354 - $530 - Lumbar Manual Drop
ES58355 - $530 - Pelvic Manual Drop
Choose Premium Vinyl Color
Blue Ridge
Imperial Blue
Royal Blue
Select A Headpiece/Facerest

You may also add optional Lateral Flexion Capability (14°) to your preferred facerest.

E4423 - $335 - Lateral Flexion Option (14°)
Select Stationary or Breakaway Chest Section Chest Section Video 
Select Stationary or Breakaway Pelvic Section
Select Elevation Foot Pedal Control
PHS Pivotal Health Systems Authorized Dealer

Product Notes:
  1. ES2000 - ErgoStyle ES2000 Elevating Tables Models ES9300 - ES9320

    SHIPPING/DELIVERY: The PHS ErgoStyle ES2000 Gen II Series Elevating Chiropractic Adjusting Tables are custom built to order and have an 8-9 week production time with a 3-6 day transit time. Credit card transactions will be processed at the time of your order, and table production will start immediately. Order cancellations must occur within 72 hours of placing the order to avoid a restocking fee. Delivery is only guaranteed to curbside and may require customer assistance to help the driver. Customer may request optional, white glove inside delivery services at an additional charge of $300 to $400 at the time of order placement by requesting such in the comments field at checkout.

     1 Year on frame (Structural Only)
     1 Year on electrical components
     1 Year on foam and upholstery
     1 Year on moving components, hardware, and accessories

    Labor Warranty:

    Labor covered on repairs in 1st year for all powered adjusting tables


    1st -- CALL THE SHIPPER.
    When your ErgoStyle Elevation Adjusting Table ships you will receive an email from us letting you know that the table is on the way and offering you contact info for the shipment carrier. The carrier is supposed to make contact with to set up an appointment window. However, you may want to call the carrier terminal to set up a delivery appointment day yourself.

    Upon arrival of the freight carrier, DO NOT SIGN the delivery receipt until you check all around the box for damage and/or holes. If you see damage, please evaluate the table itself to see if there is any damage to the table. DO NOT THROW AWAY THE CARTON OR PALLET UNTIL YOU ARE CERTAIN THERE IS NO DAMAGE TO THE TABLE.

    If there is no damage then simply sign the 'delivery receipt'. For damaged tables, please refuse the delivery and notate any damage on the receipt.

    RETURNS: Chiropractic Therapy Tables like the ES2000 Series ErgoStyle are custom built to order and are not easily returnable. Please contact Back Be Nimble customer service to obtain a return authorization. If returning a non-damaged table, you will incur the cost of return shipping plus a restocking fee; to be subtracted from your refund.

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