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Back Be Nimble presents one of the largest online catalogs of self-care products in the world. We are constantly adding new items, or updating existing ones. Therefore, by request of our customers, we are adding this "What's New" section, so frequent visitors can go immediately to the new additions to our inventory. Click on any item to go to that item's page.

Below is a list of items that have recently been added to - or changed in - our online catalog. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information on a product, or to locate that hard-to-find item.

Chiropractor's Choice Massage Chair - Synca JP1100 - Back Pain? With a spine friendly S-track & InterSegmental Traction mode, chiropractors and doctors recommend it; and their patients love the JP1100. (09/02/21)

Kagra Massage Chair by Synca - With elegant quality and uncompromising Japanese design, the J6900, 2nd generation Kagra Massage Lounger is awarded World's Best Massage Chair below Six Thousand bucks. (08/29/21)

HYPER PERCUSSION PRO Cordless Massage Gun by Kayo - Compared to Hypervolt, this percussion massager measures up really well at a bargain.Among cordless massagers, Hyper Percussion Pro is the best massage gun for the price. (06/30/21)

BedLounge Relaxing Support Pillow | Recovery | Reading - BedLounge offers a better, ergonomic way to read in bed, lounge, recover or simply relax back in extraordinary comfort. (01/10/21)

Novafon Power - NEW Cordless - Sonic Wave Massager - With improved acoustic wave technology, the NEW intrasonic, cordless Novafon Power penetrates deeper into muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint cartilage and connective tissues with healing therapy. (12/15/20)


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