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Back Be Nimble offers a large online catalog of self-care products. We are consistently adding new and innovative neck, back pain and stress solutions.

Below is a list of products that we've recently updated or added to our catalog. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information about a product, or perhaps to help you decide on the best solution for your specific needs.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome What is it? - Information on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Repetitive Use Trauma. (11/29/23)

Aircast Pneumatic Armband | Tennis & Golfer`s Elbow Brace - Aircast Armband reduces stress on weak, sensitive tendon where they insert into the bone at the elbow by applying a therapeutic pressure pad distal or a bit toward the hand. (11/29/23)

Knee Elevating Wedge Support Pillow - Knee Elevator Wedge is a specially shaped pillow that elevates & bends the knees, providing excellent support for the reduction knee pain and low back pain. (11/27/23)

Uplift Automatic Seat Assist | Premium Lifting Seat by Carex - Carex Uplift Premium Seat Assist is adjustable, self-powered & functions as a portable lift recliner to help user arise from a seated to standing position. (11/27/23)

Smart Gloves For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - CTS | IMAK - IMAK Smart Glove gently holds the wrist in a safe, neutral position for prevention/relief of repetitive use syndromes during data entry & other office tasks. (11/26/23)

Novafon Power 2.0 Cordless Sonic Massager | Acoustic Intrasound - Novafon Power 2 produces a safe, acoustic intrasonic wave in 3 frequencies; penetrating with powerful therapy for pain, inflammation & recovery. (11/26/23)

TheraGear ABS Pro Exercise Balls | Swiss Birthing Balls - Best in class Swiss-made fitness ABS balls are latex-free and fit for weight or core training and safe as a birthing ball. (11/25/23)

Orthopedic Bed Wedge - Comfortable leg elevation for circulation and back relaxation; great to bend knees in acute back pain & after surgery. (11/23/23)

Treat Your Own Neck Book | Robin McKenzie Method - Physiotherapist RobinMcKenzie offers revolutionary concepts for treating conditions of the neck and shoulder. (11/23/23)

Ultrasound Therapy For Home or Professional Use - Ultrasound treatment at incredibly low price offers invaluable, penetrating sound waves for greater healing and relief. (11/23/23)

Posture Pleaser by Body Rite - Posture Support - Stress Relief - Posture Pleaser is a unique posture support preventing muscle strain in the neck, shoulders and back. (11/23/23)

Real Ease Cervical Neck Support & Relaxer | Dr. Riter`s Real-ease - Doctor Riters Real Ease cervical neck support relieves tension headaches & relaxes the neck. (11/23/23)

Treat Your Own Back Book - McKenzie's revolutionary concepts for treating the spine. (11/23/23)

Tri-core Contoured Neck Support Pillows | Core Products - Tri-core Pillows have a trapezoid center providing versatile comfort & support whether sleeping on back or side. (11/19/23)

Backnobber II Massager by Pressure Positive - Backnobber 2, the original self-directed massager, is a deep- tissue, triggerpoint massage tool for the back and body. (11/14/23)

BetterBack Lumbar & Seat Cushion | Multi-purpose Seat & Back Support - The Better Back adds support and stability for car or truck seats that either do not fit your body well or lack support in the back or seat. Truck drivers love it. (11/13/23)

Accuback Backhugger Lumbar Support - Accuback Backhugger lumbar support acts as a lumbar cushion to support the lower back & ease lower back pain. (10/20/23)


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