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Rejuvenator Plus Massager Special Rejuvenator Plus Massager - The Rejuvenator Plus is a highly sought after and very powerful professional massager for whole body; including feet. The unit offers different massager head applicators to customize the massage.$265.00 +$75 gift certificate COVID STRESS RELIEF SPECIAL
Uses for the Rejuvenator Plus Massager
Hypo-allergenic Original Talalay Latex Mattresses Hypo-allergenic Original Talalay Latex Mattresses - ORIGINAL IS OFTEN THE BEST and that is certainly true with our Latex Mattresses. The Talalay Global Process (formerly of Latex International) has been a favorite choice among discerning customers for 21 years. Order Today and get Free Shipping
DynaMax Core Trainer Gyro Core Workout from DFX Fitness DynaMax Original Core Trainer - Hand-held fitness in a 4.5 pound gyro generating up to 220 lbs of resistance for the ultimate blasting of your core. $214.95 with Free Shipping
Levo Book Stand Free Shipping Levo Book Stand - the healthy, ergonomic way to read books in good posture. $189.99 Free Shipping plus Back Be Nimble Gift Certificate with Purchase
AcuMasseur Massage Tool Special AcuMasseur Neck Massage Tool - Acu-masseur is the ultimate self-directed massage tool for the neck, shoulder and traps. List Price: $44.95, Now $39.95 & Free Shipping
thumber mini pro massagerThumper Mini-Pro Special - The world's best feeling therapeutic massager - used by professionals. $209.00 & Free Shipping
Skwoosh Gel Lumbar Cradle CushionSkwoosh Gel Lumbar Cradle Back Cushion - This lightweight, breathable low back cushion has gel pods that lift pressure off your disks while you sit. List Price: $79.95, Now $48.49 & Free Shipping
Sidmar Hydromassage or Hydrotherapy TableSidmar Hydromassage Tables - Lie down and enjoy soothing hydro-therapy without getting wet, knowing that our therapeutic hydromassage tables are 2nd to none. Free Shipping Special
Cybertech Bionic Back Brace Cybertech Bionic Back Brace A performance enhancer, the CYBERTECH lumbar support offers a mechanical advantage patented pulley system for amazing support and abdominal compression. $124.95
Bed Lounge Support Pillow BedLounge Support Pillow - Reading - Sleeping - Reclining BedLounge offers an ergonomic and better way to read in bed, lounge, recover or just recline in extraordinary comfort. $138.99 & FREE SHIPPING
MDcure - Pulsed Electromagnetism For Back Pain MDcure - Pulsed Electromagnetism For Back Pain Aerotel’s MDcure safely reduces and helps heal low back pain using advanced quantum medicine known as low frequency PEMFs or pulsed electro-magnetic fields. $499.99, FREE SHIPPING + $50 Gift Certificate
DynaFlex Pro PlusDynaflex Pro Plus A hand-held gyroscope for exercise of the wrist/forearm & treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Tennis Elbow. The Dynaflex Pro Plus is an unique, useful and popular gift. $24.85
Original Massaging Gel SolesOriginal Massaging Gel Soles A foot massage as you walk with the original liquid massaging gel insoles. $17.99
Skwoosh Office Support Gel CushionSkwoosh Office Support Gel Cushion This portable and lightweight gel seat is an ergonomically-designed therapeutic gel wedge offering postural support and superior pressure relief at the office and or almost anywhere. $58.19 & FREE SHIPPING
Back Be Nimble Gift CertificatesBack Be Nimble Gift Certificates Can't decide what to buy that special someone? Why not offer the gift of comfort and let the receiver decide? Gift Certificates are redeemable online and may be used in combination with other payment methods.
Comfort-Ease Sleep Massager is a great gift for insomniacsComfortEase Sound Sleep Massager Turns your own mattress or bed into a therapeutic massage, encouraging a restful and relaxing sleep. $69.90 & FREE SHIPPING

Note: Please check back regularly for lowest pricing and the latest specials.

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