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Benefits of HydroMassage, aka Dry Hydro Therapy

Back Be Nimble Newsletter - May, 2019

Benefits of HydroMassage, aka Dry Hydro Therapy

If you suffer from back pain, muscular strain, fatigue or stress you may be familiar with the benefits of massage and whirlpool treatments. You are probably less familiar with the benefits of Dry Hydrotherapy aka HydroMassage, combining the best benefits of therapeutic massage, deep heat and relaxing floatation therapy; all without disrobing or getting wet!

What is HydroMassage (Dry Hydrotherapy) and how does it work?

HydroMassage or Dry Hydrotherapy is the ultimate therapeutic treatment for back pain and stress, offering users the benefits of massage and deep relaxation. Dry hydromassage feels like the "hands on" massage of an expert masseuse either as a patient at your chosen chiropractor's office, or in the comfort of your own home.

HydroMassage combines the healing powers of water, heat and massage into one powerful therapeutic experience! This treatment uses pulsating waves of heated water to target areas of back pain, offering a unique and innovative experience that's a great complement to chiropractic care or physiotherapy. The unique benefit of HydroMassage provides the therapies of whirlpool, heat, and massage into a single system without the inconvenience of changing clothes or getting wet!

Why Dry HydroMassage?

The benefits of Dry HydroTherapy include:
  • Temporary relief of minor aches and pains
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Increased mental and physical wellness
  • Improved circulation and healing in treatment areas
  • Anyone who can lie down can experience this therapy
  • Great for sensitive or very sore patients users
  • Great for fibromyalgia or arthritic patients
  • Relieves muscle soreness, stiffness, and tension

Whirlpool treatment (Wet Hydrotherapy) also applies pressurized streams of water to target areas of pain. However, wet hydrotherapy has some significant drawbacks when compared to dry hydrotherapy.

What are the Risks and Drawbacks of Whirlpool Treatment (Wet Hydrotherapy)?
  • Inconvenient and more time consuming
  • Higher risk of spreading disease
  • Slip-and-fall injuries
  • Significant up-keep of whirlpool systems

Additionally, there are no medical benefits to treatment in a wet environment with regard to back pain, muscular ailments or injuries. Dry Hydrotherapy offers all the benefits without the drawbacks of whirlpool treatments.

When should I use HydroMassage?

HydroMassage tables may be used at home at your leisure, promoting relaxation and pain relief. These therapies are often used in chiropractic offices, preparing a patient for an adjustment, or to help stability of results after treatment.

How long does a HydroMassage water massage treatment take?

The duration of treatment depends on your preference. In office practices, a session on a hydro bed is normally 12-15 minutes.

Are HydroMassage therapies customized? Can I target specific problem areas with a hydrobed?

The range of pressure is an important issue when considering dry hydrotherapy. Patients in severe pain may not be able to withstand a high level of pressure. Your massage intensity and speed can therefore be customized, pressure settings from 12 to 17 lbs. per sq. inch.

HydroMassage water therapy treatments can be further adjusted to your unique needs. Lastly, water temperature is also adjusted according to the patient's comfort and preference. Temperatures range between 70 and 107 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do I maintain my hydromassage table?

Maintaining half body hydromassage tables is very simple - just follow these simple procedures:

  1. add a bottle of water conditioner every 4 months on a home use table or every 3 months on a commercial model. This should come directly from the manufacturer on an "auto ship" plan.
  2. top off evaporated water as needed with distilled water. .
  3. launder cloth table cover as needed. .
  4. PLEASE NOTE: example. of half body hydromassage tables are: Annova, Sidmar, AquaJet, Pro S10 and ComfortWave. Full body hydromassage tables are a bit more complex you should follow specific instructions for each manufacturer. .

    Be Well,

    Dr. Brad Lustick
    CEO and Product Consultant

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