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Back Saver Wallet ™

The BackSaver Wallet™ was first introduced to golfers and has caught on with many other athletes. It is a full-duty, top quality wallet with 60% less bulk.
Back Saver Wallet
Black or Brown (cognac)
The Back Saver Wallet™ is a full duty wallet for back or front pockets. It is less than half the thickness of a regular wallet, making it comfortable to carry in a front pocket or back pocket. This wallet is endorsed by professional golfer Tom Lehman. Sitting on bulky wallets can create misalignment and pain in the lower back and hips, often resulting in compression of the sciatic nerve.
  • Finally a wallet that is not bad for your back
  • Four slots hold up to 24 cards so securely, they cannot slip out!
    - 2 interior slots & 2 exterior slots
  • Gold-plated spring clip holds 30+ bills conveniently and securely
  • Organizes credit cards, licenses, insurance cards, library cards, membership cards, etc.
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Personalize Your Wallet
  • Your Back Saver Wallet can be embossed with a variety of logos including school, military, golf icons, sport icons, etc.
  • Laser engraving for personalization is also available.
  • Wallet comes with an insert that has ordering details.
The Back Saver Wallet™ also features:
  • Full grain leather, the highest grade.
  • Available in either Black or Brown(cognac).
  • Sewn to last.
  • Durable, can last a lifetime with daily use.
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty!
  • Folds flat when full.
  • 60% thinner when folded.
  • Slim enough for your front pocket.
Back Saver Wallet ™
Color Black Brown
Quantity: $29.95 each
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