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BackCycler® Lumbar Support | CPM Motion

BackCycler Continuous Passive Motion Pain Relief Support Motion Makes the Difference! A Computer takes care of your back while you sit. BackCycler passive exercise motion offers an important ergonomic innovation, unseen in any other back pain product.

1st- Eliminates slouching with a sleekly-designed lumbar curve support.

2nd- Continuous Passive Motion (CPM), exercise that accelerates healing and improves nutrition to the spinal disks.

Good Housekeeping Magazine on the BackCycler Good Housekeeping ranked BackCycler as the best back product tested (click for article)

The movement of fluid in joints surrounding the spine nourishes spinal disks and joint cartilages. Doctors have found that continuous movement of the spine increases flexibility and hydration of the disk, thus preventing degeneration while decreasing stiffness and pain. This is the benefit of CPM motion while using the BackCycler.

BackCycler - Illustration
How The BackCycler® Works: The BackCycler applies gentle pressure to the spine which causes it to flex forward. As the airbag deflates, the spine returns to a state of rest like a pump hydrating the spinal discs. Please note that the actual action shown here takes place over 40 seconds and is unobtrusive to sitting, driving or work productivity.

The BackCycler Design: specially shaped in order to passively exercise the low back region while sitting. A feedback sensor monitors the precise amount of air the pump must deliver to the BackCycler's airbag. The BackCycler can be used in the car by simply plugging it into the cigarette lighter outlet. Ergonomic design ensures the most beneficial application of passive motion for relief of lower back pain.
BackCycler Demonstration
Sit Comfortably For Hours: the amazing continuous passive motion of BackCycler® ensures long term comfort while seated. This deluxe unit is coupled with pressure sensitive feed back technology to provide consistent motion and pressure, no matter the user's position or movement.

  • Adjustable support height for customized comfort
  • Features both static lumbar support and dynamic motion therapy
  • Air Chamber inflates to 3.5" in cycles of 40 seconds
  • Air Chamber encased in slim, foam filled back pad
  • Dimensions: 12" x 14" x 1"
  • 2 Power Sources included: AC and 12v car adapters
Currently Unavailable
(See 'Product Notes' Below)

Quantity: $179.95 each
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Answers to Typical Shopping Questions
Please contact WillMaxx Distributors
Note: The 110V AC Adaptor is configured for 110-120 volt only
(U.S. and Canada).
BackCycler Deluxe Specifications
Power 12VDC/120VAC
Inflate Cycle 40 Seconds
Deflate Cycle 40 Seconds
Color Gray
Bladder Single Chamber
Power Adapter Cig Lighter & AC
BackCycler User Comments
- This device has been fabulous in increasing my comfort after my back injury. Without it, I doubt I would have been able to conduct my business.

- I feel much less stiff and tired at the end of the day.

- On a long trip, I just can't straighten up after I get out of the car, and at the same time, I usually experience increased lower backache. With the BackCycler®, my back was both flexible and ache free. Now I won't drive to my daughter's place without it!

Product Notes:
  1. 10070 - Backcycler Deluxe CPM Support

    AVAILABILITY: The BackCycler is currently unavailable from the manufacturer. Global economic hardship has made acquiring certain components for the manufacturing of such unreasonable. We are therefore looking for a new manufacturer and are not able to predict a date of availability at this time.

    Please Note: due to overwhelming response to this product and the GoodHouseKeeping Seal of Approval, please allow up to 10 days for delivery.

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