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BackSac Back Support | Back Sac Lumbar Pillow

Back Sac Overview Design & Instructions Features & Uses Order BackSac

BackSac Back or Neck Support BackSac Ergonomic Lumbar Support BackSac between the knee pillow

What is Back Sac?

BackSac is an inflatable, self-adjusting, portable, versatile pillow-like postural support, great for the back and neck and utilized in virtually any posture-challenged situation. The simple but unique technology, facilitates on-the-fly adaptability to fit the spine of any user. BackSac is a welcome ergonomic addition to your unsupportive chair, carseat, lounger, recliner, bed and floor. NEW IMPROVED MODEL is nicer fabric, better inflation valve, easier to use and has enhanced comfort.

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  • Portable for Ease of Travel
  • Inflatable & Adaptable
  • Customizable Posture Support
  • Functions for Back, Neck or Knees
  • Aids Comfort for Side Sleepers
  • Ergonomic for Office
  • Comfortable Reading/TV Pillow
  • Great for Kids and Adults

Back Sac Overview Design & Instructions Features & Uses Order BackSac

Design & Instructions
  • UNDERINFLATION: when using inflatable devices, it is human nature to fully inflate them. In the case of BackSac, under-inflation is the key to customizing a successful body prop or postural support pillow. Under-inflation provides space for the air to move and fill the postural curve of the body needing support. Therefore, BackSac can occupy the space between your body and the surface you are propped against; whether that be a chair, car seat or mattress. BackSac functions while sitting, lying down, reclining or lying forward on your airplane tray table.
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: the functional design is unique to the market of postural support pillows or cushions. Competitive products are made to fit a certain average size and shape. The intelligent design of BackSac so ridiculously simple we can't believe it didn't come to market sooner.
  • A FEW PUFFS IS MAGIC: please don't completely fill your BackSac with air. A few puffs into the valve and your good to go because with BackSac, less is truly more.
  • DYNAMIC SUPPORT: as your body moves when using BackSac, the air moves with you, offering a self-adjusting support!
  • YOUR BODY MAKES IT WORK: before using BackSac, it will look like a basketball that needs to be pumped up. However, your own body weight activates and pressurizes the support. Place it in the curve of your back or neck and feel the support come to life. The air will fill the void, and your body's unique curve will feel instant support. Air can be added or released to fit your particular needs.
  • TRAVEL: open the valve and press all the air out; then close the valve. You'll now have a small, lightweight and highly portable support to take on the road or in the air.

BackSac Customizes to Reading in Bed Underinflation of BackSac is Functional Design BackSac Customizes to for Good Posture at the Office
Back Sac Overview Design & Instructions Features & Uses Order BackSac
  Features & Uses

BackSac Inventor - Leigh Anne Nash, Orthopedic-PT Specialist
  • Washable faux leather cover
  • Lightweight design
  • Deflates for ease of travel
  • Inflates quickly with a few puffs

BackSac Reading Pillow Cushion
  • Self-adjusting for postural support in multitude of situations
  • Customizable support for back pain sufferers
  • Unique under-inflation concept adapts to user's spinal curves
  • Makes a wonderful lumbar (back) cushion or cervical (neck) support pillow
  • Perfect for office task chairs, car Seats, sofa, recliner or airplane travel
  • Helps kids read and watch TV with better posture
  • Invented by Orthopedic Physical Therapist, Leigh Anne Nash
  • We like BackSac because it is simple, inexpensive and effective

BackSac as Abdominal Exercise Pillow Aid BackSac for Child's Reading  and TV Pillow
Back Sac Overview Design & Instructions Features & Uses Order BackSac

BackSac Back & Neck Support

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