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BedLounge® Support & Reading Pillow

BedLounge LegLounger Combo vs. Foam Bed Wedge and Other Reclining, Reading and Support Pillows
BedLounge & LegLounger are the ultimate pillows for support while sitting or relaxing back in comfort

BedLounge reading support pillow The BedLounge® is a breakthrough in adjustable custom comfort, and revolutionizes sitting in bed or lounging on the floor with support. Ergonomically designed by leading back specialist Dr. Robert Swezey, MD., the BedLounge® offers a path to extraordinary, stressless comfort in bed or...wherever you sit!

The Bedlounge® is quite adjustable, having moveable head/neck rest and a height adjusting lumbar support. This allows for a custom fit. The pivoting, FLEX ARM REST has a hinged action, allowing the arms of your BedLounge® to effortlessly pivot back and forth and be placed as needed as you position yourself. They automatically return to their resting place when not in use.
Buttoned side pockets store remote controls, baby bottles, reading glasses, pens, pencils, your iPad, or favorite magazines.
folds for portability and storage
Bedlounge® folds up for easy storage - take it anywhere, it weighs less than 8 pounds! Constructed with aircraft grade open cell foam supported by a strong, lightweight internal polypropylene frame. Adjustable neck and lumbar support sections are layered, sanitized, down feathers and pillowy combed fiber. We now offer the NEW -- Hypoallergenic BedLounge, with all the same feature except, we substitute a plush, synthetic down filling. Martha Stewart American Made Award Nominee

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BedLounge as a T.V. pillow, reading pillow or gaming pillow or favorite mobile device station

The BedLounge® Uses: post surgery recovery pillow
  • Provides full neck, upper body and lumbar support or propped against the couch while on the floor
  • Use as T.V. pillow, reading pillow, mobile device station or post surgical recovery pillow.
  • Use it in the den...your home office...dorm room and more
  • Perfect for reading...working...watching TV...playing video games...or propped up sleeping
  • Also the best and most comfortable place for nursing your baby.
  • Offered in both standard and small sizes to accommodate all users.

The LegLounger® Features & Uses: post surgery recovery pillow

  • The best knee and leg support pillow
  • Two self-inflating air bladders can be deflated and inflated with the simple turning of a relief valve, customizing LegLounger firmness to your best comfort and support. Open the valve and it fully inflates. Close it to lock in your setting.
  • Use in bed or on the floor
  • Helps bend the knees to remove back strain
  • Can be adjusted for a custom fit and positioned to support without impeding circulation back to the heart
  • Unique elliptical shape rotates into your ideal height position without getting up.
  • Standard fill is washed down feathers and foam, but hypo-allergenic Leg Lounger is an available option.
  • Leg Lounger is currently not in production

BedLounge Is No Longer Available
Size Selection
BedLounge Regular Size
BedLounge Small Size
Filling Selection
BedLounge Regular Standard Plush Down Fill
BedLounge Hypoallergenic Synthetic Down Fill Hypo-allergenic
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Natural Cotton

Natural Cotton

Black Cotton

Black Cotton

Green Cotton

Green Cotton

Navy Cotton

Navy Cotton

LegLounger® Leg Support Pillow

The LegLounger pillow is no longer produced by the manufacturer

Filling Selection
BedLounge Regular Standard Plush Down Fill
BedLounge Hypoallergenic Synthetic Down Fill Hypo-allergenic
Color Selector

Product Notes:
  1. 61001 - BedLounge

    RETURNS: Back Be Nimble does not accept returns on the Bed Lounge.
    IN THIS WAY, WE GUARANTY OUR CUSTOMERS TO RECEIVE ONE THAT IS NEW/NEVER RESOLD, TRIED OR USED BY ANYONE ELSE. We feel like our customers appreciate this policy, knowing that their BedLounge or LegLounge Pillow is fresh and sanitary. We abide by this policy to protect our customers under federal guidelines for disease transmission. This policy may be an exception to the policy of the manufacturer or other suppliers of BedLounge products.

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