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Posture Pleaser by Bodyrite

Posture Pleaser by Body Rite - Posture Support - Stress Relief
The Posture Pleaser is a weighted counter-balance postural support designed to aid the prevention of muscle strain in the neck, shoulders, back and spine. The counter-balance weight is adjustable from 2-3 lbs. with a one pound weight that comes off easily should you only need a two pound counter-balance.

Mag Eyes Posture Pleaser Postural Brace The ergonomic design helps minimize the stress of daily work with arms in reaching in front of you. This helps with pain caused by prolonged repetitive activities like sewing, quilting, crafting, mail sorting, working on your computer or for assembly line workers. The counter-balance weight props up the spine helping to prevent upper back, shoulder, and neck strain, while encouraging good posture

When to Wear the Posture Pleaser:
Wear Posture Pleaser anytime, but especially when you are doing an activity that involves the use of your hands and arms extended in front of your body. This is the perfect and best mail-handlers or postal workers posture support. It is almost a necessity for avid quilters and crafters.

Body Rite Posture Pleaser  Support Brace How It Works:
Posture Pleaser encourages good posture which helps you use proper body mechanics. Good posture aids in preventing repetitive muscle strain in the upper back, neck and shoulders.
 Bodyrite Posture Pleaser
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When you stand or sit with your arms and hands extended in front of you, your center of gravity moves forward. The muscles in your back strain while trying to keep your shoulders from rotating forward. Over a period of time these muscles fatigue and pain occurs. Posture Pleaser acts as a counter-balance to help equalize your center of gravity in the upper torso, thereby relieving some of the muscle strain in the neck, shoulders, traps and should blades or mid-back.

Although not meant to be worn under clothes, Dr. Lustick recommends this product in favor of more popular clavicle splints or supports which merely pull your shoulders back and weaken postural support muscles.

Body Rite Posture Pleaser  Support Brace

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