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Cybertech Mechanical Advantage Back Brace

Cybertech Back Brace
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Note: Only Available in black
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Important Use and Care Instructions
Cybertech Spine Lumbar Brace Solving Back Problems: decreased performance, lower back muscles ache, weakened muscles; or simply strained, overworked or abused muscles. Whatever the cause, the CYBERTECH BACK BRACE - lumbar support is designed with a mechanical advantage to help you solve the problem. Use for severe back pain, athletic training, sports recovery, or work related injuries. Has now replaced and improved upon our famous Flexform Back Support.

A significant mechanical advantage. The effectiveness of the CYBERTECH brace comes from its specially engineerred pulley system. The system puts a 6:1 power ratio in the hands of the user. The result is abdominal compression 6 times greater than any other lower back support brace on the market! Abdominal compression is the key to providing additional spine support from the front of the body. The CYBERTECH system does what you physically can't do: tighten the brace to a point where maximum spinal support is achieved. Combined with the nylon mesh side panels, the brace actually splints and supports the spine the way a cast splints and supports a broken leg. However CYBERTECH still allows virtually complete freedom of movement for sports and/or recreation.

cybertech support system illustrated
How CYBERTECH works: Simply wrap CYBERTECH around lower back and secure in front with adjustable Velcro. When support is desired, pull handle away from body, parallel with ground. This action activates the power pulley system and allows the handle to tighten the unit. Pull the handle across body until proper support is achieved, place handle on Velcro strip encircling side panels to secure. It's that simple!

cybertech back support brace - golf
Ideal for training and rehabilitation: No other brace delivers more powerful support and user convenience. For example: the brace is perfectly suited for athletes requiring weight training. When not lifting, the brace can be worn loosely and tightened for appropriate support with one hand in one second when the athlete is ready to lift. Further, the brace can be worn by anyone to help prevent lower back strain during strenuous workouts and training sessions. It's important to note that the CYBERTECH brace provides support to athletes or others who are more predisposed to injury, or re-injury at the start of rehabilitation. The ease of adjustment, and the superior support delivered, protects the user throughout the rehabilitation process. As the condition improves, the brace can be adjusted to meet specific support levels until the brace is no longer needed.

A patented lower back support system. A bionic performance enhancer: The CYBERTECH brace, now called S.P.I.N.E., offers the mechanical advantage originally designed to meet the demanding requirements of orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors. Utilizing the same patented pulley system, CYBERTECH has designed braces especially to meet the performance needs of athletes.

Webster defines "Bionic" as... "having an artificial bodily part or parts, so as to enhance strength, abilities, etc." The principal utilized in the CYBERTECH brace increases support and adds the "bionic muscle" needed to help improve performance, to add strength needed for rehabilitation success. The patented system, a first in the sports industry, gives you the means to make sure athletes and others can remain active.

cybertech  back support system
Please Note:The Cybertech Brace is available only in the color black.

Summary of Features
  • 6 times greater power for support
  • Nylon mesh side panels provide vertical support
  • Booklet that includes acute care suggestions & prevention exercises for the low back
  • One-hand-one-second support adjustment.
  • "Custom Fits" for maximum individual comfort.
  • Side panels are removable for washing.
  • Provides lower back support during virtually any activity.
  • Convenient travel/carry case included
  • WARRANTY: 90 days from date-of-purchase. Covers workmanship and materials.

Product Notes:
  1. 617 - CYBERTECH Back Support Brace

    WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: remove the power units prior to washing. Then hand wash by soaking in warm water for 1-2 minutes with mild detergent, rinse soap off under tap with warm water; towel off, and then air dry in shade.

    Physician Advise Suggested: Due to the degree of support provided by this premium back brace, we suggest that you consult with your physician regarding the use and therapeutic value of this support for your condition.

    COLOR CHOICE: The Cybertech Mechanical Advantage Back Support is only available in the color black.

    FOR YOUR SAFETY: Please follow instructions enclosed with the product to the letter.

    NON-RETURNABLE ITEM: Due to federal regulations on disease transmission, support products are excluded from our 30 day return policy and the Cybertech Brace may not be returned for exchange or refund.

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