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Thermarest BackRest® by Cascade Designs

Thermarest Back Rest® is the original, portable, self-inflating lumbar cushion. One simple adjustment of the valve lets you choose from infinite comfort selections. Deflate slightly for, self-contouring and support customized to your needs. By occasionally changing the amount of inflation, you can alter position and help reduce fatigue; especially when driving long distances. BackRest is constructed of air-tight waterproof nylon bonded to an open cell foam and weighs less than 1/2 lb. Original Therarest BackRest
BackRest Portable Travel Cushion by Thermarest Adapting BackRest to Your Lowback
The Thermarest BackRest is amazingly adaptable not only the contour of your low back but additionally the contour of the seat back of virtually any chair you use it with. Simply start with the valve open to reach full inflation. Then close the valve.With the 'Back Rest' in the small of your back, assume your desired position in your chair of choice and slightly open the valve for a second to allow automatic contouring customization to occur...Quickly close the valve and feel the super comfort of unequalled support.
Varilite Model of Thermarest BackRest with optional UV protective cover Original Thermarest BackRest (seen left with new Varilite label)
Purchase the optional, UV-resistant slip-on protective cover (shown on right side of image). This cover is not only great for holding your BackRest tightly in your favorite position, but also increases the life of your BackRest® holding up under intense sun and UV conditions. This sustains years of use in a car. Offered only in a durable but soft, black plush fabric. This actually adds to the overall comfort during use. MAINTENANCE: for maximum life, once per week open the valve and leave your BackRest fully inflated overnight.
Thermarest Portable, Rolled-up Backrest by Cascade Designs-Varilite Stays Rolled-up For Compact Portability
For easy carrying open the valve and roll your cushion forcing all the air out and then close the valve. You will now have a small roll that will fit easily into a suitcase, briefcase or even a purse. When you're ready to use it, simply open the valve and it will self-inflate.
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Charcoal Color Only
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BackBeNimble Shopping Cart Order FormOptional Black UV ThermaRest Cover
Quantity: $18.00 each
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Product Notes:
  1. 10090 - Thermarest Backrest - Charcoal

    MAINTENANCE: for maximum life, once per week open the valve and leave your BackRest fully inflated overnight.

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