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Back Be Nimble is pleased to introduce our new secure online shopping cart. You will find this shopping cart is extremely easy to use and user-friendly. Below we point out a few key points to help you get started.
NOTE: This document contains a rather lengthy description of the entire shopping process on Back Be Nimble and may be of particular interest to those not yet familiar with online shopping. If you are already familiar with online shopping in general, you might want to take a look at some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to the Back Be Nimble shopping cart and service.

Our shopping cart does use cookies. At most, only two cookies will be set: one when you add the first item to your shopping cart and one when you begin the secure checkout process Unfortunately, the shopping cart will not work unless you have cookies enabled. For more information on how to enable cookies, click here.

Almost all of our products are available through our shopping cart. On each product page you will find cart components. On most pages, there is a box for quantity, and a button that says "Add To Cart." For these products you simply fill in a quantity and click the "Add To Cart" button. The item is automatically added to your shopping cart (basket). You will find some products require a color or size choice. These options are very simple to use, and one is usually pre-selected for you.

Some of our more complex products have a link that says "Options" or "Add To Cart." These links will take you to a page where you will be able to select different options and fabrics as the case may be. On the options selection page you will find not only pictures to help you in your decision, but the "Add To Cart" button and familiar quantity box are at the bottom of these pages as well.

Here is a representation and explanation of what happens after an item is added to the shopping cart:

After an item is added to your shopping cart, you will be taken to a screen similar to the one pictured below. The product is displayed along with its quantity and price.

Add To Cart

There are links next to the product - "Details", "Change", and "Remove". Simply click one of these links for the following results:
  • "Details" - If the product you selected has options, this link will display the product and its options in its entirety. To return to the original view of your cart, click the "View" link in the top right table.
  • "Change" - If you desire to change the quantity, color, or size of an item, click this link to return to that page with all of your selections already in place.
  • "Remove" - This link will remove an item from your cart.

On all of our pages you will see at the top right corner a small table with your shopping cart summary. This will only be displayed if you are using the shopping cart. At any time you may click either the "View" link or the "Checkout" link for one of these functions.

Cart Summary

The "View" link will display a screen similar to the screen displayed when an item is initially added to your shopping cart. Here is an example:

View Shopping Cart

When you are ready to "checkout" you will receive a screen similar to the one below. After pressing the "Go Checkout" button, you will be transferred to our secure server where we will ask for your shipping address and customer information. Be assured we never will sell our mailing list to anyone - no matter how attractive the offer.

Checkout Screen

After you have filled out your shipping address, you will need to select the method of shipping for your order. Some of our products are shipped directly from the manufacturer and are referred to as "drop shipped items." On those items we ship directly, you will have a choice of regular or express delivery options.

Shipping Information Entry Page

After clicking on "Select Shipping" you will receive a screen similar to the one pictured below. Select your shipping method and then enter your billing information. After verifying all information is entered properly, click on "Prepare Invoice."

Shipping Selection

When you select "Prepare Invoice" a screen similar to the one below will appear. Here you can verify your order, make changes, or confirm. No orders will be processed unless they are confirmed. To confirm your order simply click the "Confirm Order" button at the top of the screen.


That's it. You will receive an invoice via e-mail for confirmation of your order.

Thank you for thinking of Back Be Nimble, and we hope you enjoy browsing our website.

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