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Dynaflex Pro Plus and Dynaflex Pro

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Dynaflex Pro Plus
Dynaflex Pro Plus, unlike it's predecessors (Dynaflex Pro, Dyna Bee, Dynabee, gyro and Theraflex), is designed with a high performance rotor, which can reach blazing speeds exceeding 10,000 rpm while developing 38 lbs. of torque.


So what differentiates the Dynaflex Pro Plus from its older brother, the Dynaflex Pro? The following are attributes of the Plus model only:
  • Black removal cap where one can insert an optional optional digital speed (rpm) meter to measure ability and progress
  • High Performance Rotor
  • 1000 more RPM (10,000 vs. 9,000)
  • Develops more torque and thus more resistance
    -- 38 lbs. vs. 35 lbs.

Using the Dynaflex Pro   
Gyro Motion

More Information:
Dynaflex Pro The Dyna-flex Pro Plus also features a balanced rotor. Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes the ultimate in hand, wrist and forearm exercise.

Both the Dyna-flex Pro and Pro Plus feature a new thermo band that aids the user in controlling these powerhouses that were designed not only to be user friendly, but to aid in sports rehabilitation and conditioning.

Digital Speed Meter: Its designed to work with the Dynaflex Pro Plus. It easily adapts the unit by simply removing the cap of the gyro exerciser and snapping the meter into place. The speed meter will upgrade the unit to the ultimate performance machine. This speed meter has 3 important functions. digital speed meter
  1. Measures the users current speed.
  2. Remembers the users highest rpm.
  3. Calculates the maximum revolutions of the gyro.

This is excellent for competition play-offs, measuring your own strength or just for fun.
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