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Epulse Neck & Shoulder Percussion Massager - New Version

Epulse Massager - Permanently Out of Stock

New Epulse Neck & Shoulder (model W-808) utilizes very soft, more comfortable, tapping, percussion pods. This more gentle version is great for melting tension. Epulse Massager, is a weighted body wrap with a functional, hugging design. Penetrating massage is strategically focused to reach both surface and deep muscles; especially when pressure is increased and directed by user adding weight to the massager with hand pressure applied through looped straps at the ends. In this way, the user controls the amount of pressure, providing soothing and effective relief for tense neck & shoulders.

Epulse Neck and Shoulder Tapping Massager

Epulse utilizes percussion massage technology based upon a Japanese barrel-shaped drum thought to have an earth-shaking beat that was perhaps mythological in origin.

TAPOTEMENT DEFINED: This type of massage, aka: Tapotement is a rhythmic, percussive, striking force technique utilizing the hands in therapeutic Swedish massage used to overcome muscle spasm by suppressing the "neurological stretch reflex". This is often done with a rapid, but painless chopping motion of the hands in rapid succession. The Epulse Neck & Shoulder Massager simulates this action, but in a more gentle way.

Emotional stress-relieving component: One important point to notate is the fact that Epulse places a great deal of emphasis on relaxing upper and middle fibers of the trapezius muscles (aka: the traps) where many folks complain about neck and shoulder tension. This is a compelling feature because of the neurological feedback to the brain by way of the cranial nerves that communicate with the trapezius. The trapezius muscle is one of only 2 skeletal muscles that are directly affected by our thoughts and emotions. Relaxation of this muscle helps breaks this cycle, releasing general emotional stress and anxiety.

Expected Results: The massage provided by Epulse is both therapeutic and rejuvenating, as spasms and trigger points seem to melt away.

Summary of Features:
  • Drum-massage for effective relief of neck & shoulder aches
  • If you don't feel enough pressure, try it wrapped from front to back around just one-side of the neck and shoulders
  • This 'new' model is not for those who desire a strong, deep massage but offers a more soothing, gentle action
  • Multiple Automatic massage programs with different intensity levels and simulation of a variety of percussive techniques
  • Alternatively, the Pre-programmed Auto-Rhythmic Massage feature will cycle through the various automated programs for a full complement of what Epulse offers.
  • Snug body-hugging design for a comfortable and targeted massage
  • Handles on both ends allow the user to help direct massage position and depth of penetration.
  • Awesome massage modes effectively promote increased circulation/healing.
  • Soft leather covers this Portable hands-free design.
  • Easy Reach One-touch control
  • Built-in auto timer of 10 minutes
Benefits of percussive massage to neck and shoulders

Strategic Placement Over Trapezius

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Showing NEW latest Epulse Model (W-808)
Epulse Neck & Shoulder Massager (W-808)
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Also Versatile for Other Body Areas: May be utilized for effective relief on the lower back, hips and thighs as well. Whenever convenient, simply sit back in comfort or lie down in bed for true enjoyment and deep down relief only offered by the Epulse Neck & Shoulder Massager.

Product Notes:
  1. W-808 - Epulse Neck and Shoulder Tapping Massager

    AVAILABLITY: the EPulse Neck and Shoulder Massager is no longer available and will not be manufactured anymore.

    Suggested Alternative Products:
    1. Acu Masseur Massager Tool - Acu masseur is best-in-class for self massage of the neck and shoulders.
    2. Backnobber II Massager - Simple, deep-tissue self massage tool. Ideal for hard to reach triggerpoints in the back & neck muscles.

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