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Original Massaging Gel Insoles

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Original Massaging Gel Insoles (presented in reverse chronological order).

T. S.

I lost luggage 5 years ago with my gel inserts and I've been wanting another pair. I finally went online to look and these were the closest to the ones that i had. I am very happy with them.

--- Sat Dec 10 09:36:31 MST 2011

D. Caldwell

The first pair I ordered were for a 86 year old lady that I have been taking care of for years. Her feet swell so huge, that she can not walk. She cries her feet hurt so badly. I put the first pair of inserts into her only pair of shoes, to help her get around just inside of her very tiny little house. She has wasted away to 70 lbs now. ..and it's important to her that she can at least walk with her walker to the bathroom. The insoles help her so much. The second pair, I inserted into my shoes. . .I have foot neuropathy. . .which the doctors say is caused to my thyroid condition. I take meds, but my feet have been sensitive to all of this. The blue inserts have helped so immensely, I have NO foot pain now. Where have these been all of the past five years? Wow, I was buying every insole on the market from spendy memory foam, to anything to try. I am a busy woman, have a full time job, and a small ranch. I am constantly on my feet. They were awakening me each and every night with horrid spasms, which now they are not. Remarkable. I have your sight on my favorite's, so I will always buy them through you. . .and will tell everyone about them. In fact, come to think of it, now my lower back feels so much better as well. It is wonderful to be able to sleep at night as well. Please cash my check. . .and know that I am a very happy customer!

--- Tue Feb 10 20:26:05 MST 2009


yo tengo unas y son maravillosas lo que quiero es saber si son las mismas por favor envienme una foto del producto y el precio.

--- Wed Dec 08 21:33:48 MST 2004


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