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Prostatitis Prostate Cushion

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Prostatitis Prostate Cushion (presented in reverse chronological order).

J Rasmussen

The seat cushion took a bit of time to get use to, but was much better after a few weeks using it . Thank you for an excellent product . Sincerely J. Rasmussen

--- Fri Jul 31 20:24:30 MDT 2015

Marc L.

Initial impression - this is the actual comment I made - once I sat on the cushion: "Oh my god... ". A HUGE improvement in sitting already. At first I was a bit hesitant to buy one, given that it's an unknown and the price point for the cushion. My issue is recovering from surgery and impaired skin integrity in the perineal area, etc. Ended up taking over 9 weeks off after a simple day surgery operation. I can unequivocally state that I should have ordered this cushion months ago - it's amazing for pressure relief. Don't bother with donut cushions, get the real deal. What a difference this cushion has made already! May buy a second one.

--- Mon Jan 06 20:47:52 MST 2014

significantly helped my ability to sit comfortably. in absence of my doctor figuring this all out this is the best I can do for now.

--- Mon Dec 09 06:42:09 MST 2013


I'm 53, and was having some real issues associated with an enlarged prostate. The Prostitatitus Prostate Cushion has been a real help and I now use it daily without fail. A very well thought out product, in addition to being very well made. Would definitely recommend it, along with the book, The Whole Life Prostate Book by H B Carter, MD. The relief is definitely worth the money.

--- Mon Aug 05 11:27:26 MDT 2013

Charles M.

This is the 2nd cushion I have purchased because I was so pleased with the 1st one. The new one will be used in a different truck in another location. As a farmer, I also use these as a gel tractor seat cushion. Works great!

--- Sun Dec 02 21:53:36 MST 2012


I have tried a number of prostate cushions, donuts, cushions I've attempted to modify, but none come close to the one being sold by Back Be Nimble. After 4 months of prostatits, I can finally begin the healing process. I've bought 2 of these cushions; one for work and one for my home office. This is an excellent product.

--- Wed Jun 20 00:08:53 MDT 2012

Dr. Kaufman, M.D.

The Prostatitis Cushion was purchased for me by my daughter and helped heal my hemorrhagic prostatitis. I will not sit for prolonged periods on any seat without it. Thanks for a good product!

--- Sat Nov 19 20:57:16 MST 2011


This cushion is fantastic. I have chronic pain in the perenium area and the groove in the cushion alleviates it. I use it on my car seat. Now I can drive for hours without any discomfort or pain. I wish that I had come across this product years ago. I really recommend it to anyone with or without a particular health condition.

--- Fri Nov 05 23:06:42 MDT 2010


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