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LEVO G2 Adjustable Tablet Stands

LEVO has long manufactured the best and most useful book holder stands available. Now checkout these 2nd generation "G2 Adjustable Height Tablet Holder Floor Stands". These fully adjustable aluminum stands have a hands-free ″dual clamping″ holder for tablets, iPads, book readers and even smart phones; with two different models available.

Features & Benefits
  • Compatible with all tablet PCs, iPads, book readers & smart phones(minimum height of 5 1/2 in.). Maximum dimensions: 13 1/2 x 8.6 x 1/2 inches.
  • Strong anodized aluminum stand with micro-adjustable quick release locks.
  • Tension adjustments for each movement allows user to control swing tension.
  • Extreme stability and security with wheels for easy portability.
  • Float your tablet or device to the perfect height and angle, even upside down while you recline or lie down.
  • 360 degree spin facilitates instant switching from landscape to portrait viewing.
  • NEW high-tech LEVO Dual Clamping Tablet Cradle Overview that securely supports & facilitates air cooling of any tablet - Holder Use Specs
  • The Deluxe model even folds in or out of the way when you want to clear your personal workspace or bring it back in (without moving stand base)
  • Use from sit to standing positions with all models.
  • Book Holder Adapter/Conversion Kit - go back and forth between holding tablets or ordinary books. Order the "Book Kit" option with your stand.
  • G2 Essential Tablet Stand - G2 Essential front/back view
  • G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand - best in class & the most versatile eBook and tablet holder on the market, with awesome adjustability and stability in virtually any position.
    G2 Deluxe Adjustments/Specs  For Desks  For Beds  Recliners
Levo Tablet
Stand Models
Levo G2 Essential Tablet Stand with Basic Adjustablility

Levo G2 Essential Tablet
Levo G2 Deluxe Fully Adjustable Tablet Stand

Levo G2 Deluxe Tablet
Price $159.99 $199.99
Enter Order Quantity & Select Options
Optional Add-ons:
Book Kit   $39.95
Option Details *
Optional Add-ons:
Book Kit   $39.95
AC Power  $50.00  
Option Details *
HEIGHT range from floor to center of usable platform 22"-45"
Ideal for chairs. recliners and especially low placement needs.
Highest built-in MAX ht. - great for use with chairs, sofas, recliners. beds or standing needs for users ≤ 5′10″.
Distance from edge of base to center of Platform (inches) 13.5"
Ideal for chairs, sofas, and recliners.
Longest horizontal reach; greatest versatility and extra joint allows platform to fold away from your workspace w/o moving the base.
Degree of adjustablity and number of motion joints
4 types of motion
80% fully adjustable. Lacks ability to fold out of the way without moving the base like possible in the deluxe model

5 types of motion
100% fully adjustable including telescoping height, swing, spin, tilt and rotation on vertical axis (yaw). Best platform positioning. Plus, it folds  away (without moving its base); ideal for rolling the stand or just clearing the space in front of you.
Ease of
Height is adjusted with quick lever locks (like most tripods). Swing arm moves freely, but includes adjustable tension dials.
Charging No Power Upgrade Available
17 lbs. 28 lbs.
Tip Factor This lightweight tablet floor stand, will not tip over very easily unless unusual force is applied. The frame is specially engineered to reduce bouncing and swaying while in use. The 20 pound base provides maximum stability and is exceptionally secure for your tablet. If you have small children or dogs, this is the best option.
Devices Compatible with all tablets, ebook readers, iPads, and mobile phones under 13 inches long - with or without cases attached
Holds books Yes, purchase optional "book kit" an extra platform for books - Levo G2 Book Platform Kit
WARRANTY 3-year limited warranty on all Levo G2 Tablet Stands

Product Notes:
  1. lvG2-tablets - LEVO Tablet Stands - All Models

    DELIVERY TIME: These products are in stock and shipping for us direct from the manufacturer. Once ordered, transit time is 4-8 days to receive.

    WARRANTY: 3-year limited warranty on all Levo G2 Tablet Stands

    FLOOR STAND FOR BOOKS OR CLAMP-ON DESKTOP HOLDERS: if you purely need to hold real books or need a desk top model that holds both tablets and books, visit: Floor Model Book Stands or Clamp-on Desktop Models

    RETURNS: limited 30-day return policy. If you are not completely happy with your item, send an email explanation to sales@backbenimble.com. We'll reply with instructions for returning your purchase. Please note that to be eligible for a return, your stand must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

  2. lvG2-dts-g - Levo G2 Deluxe Tablet Stand color: Gunmetal

    DELIVERY: This product is shipped from the manufacturer and may take from 3-7 days to receive.

    WARRANTY: the Levo Book Stand/Book Holder has a 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

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