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Memory Foam Pillows - Orthopedic Neck Support

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Pillow Styles: Memory Foam Contour Nimble-Pedic® Comfort Touch

Nimblepedic® Memory Foam Pillows are made from premium, hypo-allergenic, visco-elastic polyurethane foam in two choices of firmness. They compare superbly with Tempurpedic® Pillows and are designed for total comfort in a wide variety of users.

Finding Comfort: Foam Composition, Density, and Softness
memory foam pillow by Nimblepedic Extensive research and reviews from satisfied customers helped us to determine just the right formula for selecting foam density and softness related ratings (ILD). This has resulted in the most comfortable, supportive and sleep enhancing memory foam pillow available. Polyurethane foam density factored with ILD (indention load deflection) has a direct bearing on the quality and comfort of the foam itself. To a point, our higher density version (5.6 lb./cu.ft) offers the better support and durability. However, this must be balanced with just the right softness factor, aka: indention load deflection (ILD) to achieve comfort. If you know you like softness in your pillow,you may prefer our soft density option (3.4 lb./cu.ft.). Choose either firm or soft to best fit your individual desires.

Design: Features & Benefits

The design of our Neck Contour Pillow comfortably supports your head, but more importantly provides the right amount of support necessary to maintain the natural curve of your neck and upper back. This properly aligns your spine, relaxing muscles and giving you a perfect night's sleep! Adequate pillow thickness is important to accommodate wider shoulder dimensions when side-sleeping. The greater thickness also facilitates breathing and less snoring. However, a pillow that raises your head too high or allows it to fall too far back, can place undue stress on your neck or inhibit breathing. Our memory foam neck contour pillow offers two sides with different support. One is 4 inches thick and perfect to accommodate a wide variety of users in all sleeping postures. The other side is 3 inches and accommodates either a smaller individual or perhaps a larger user with a short neck that exclusively sleeps on their back or stomach. NOTE: our medical review team does not recommend stomach sleeping as being beneficial for the neck.

Stop Wrinkles and truly get the beauty sleep you deserve --- Ladies often notice more wrinkles upon awakening. Nimblepedic™ Pillows and their plush washable velour cover, offer a great solution for folks wanting a face saver pillow; limiting wrinkles in the face from sleeping. Customers are now finding this pillow a great followup for wrinkle care, subsequent to laser cosmetic enhancement or other forms of facial surgery. So you should consider Nimblepedic contoured pillows a helpful adjunct to non-surgical face lift. For those folks who just want to prevent morning pillow face, the Nimblepedic™ Pillow is a great solution. As an additional benefit, our customers and their dentists seem to appreciate the pressure reduction on the jaw for those folks with TMJ Disorders.
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  • One Size/Two Support Choices: Nimblepedic Memory Foam Pillows are 4 inches thick (on the higher side) and 3 inches thick (on the lower side). Both soft and firm support pillows are 20 inches long with a width of 12 inches.
  • Luxurious Cover: Our pillows include a baby soft velour cover that is removable & machine washable.

   Sleep Guide
Hints for getting a Good Night's Sleep, picking the correct Pillow and Mattress and General Care Tips.

If you need advice about the benefits of purchasing a Memory Foam Pillow for your particular health issue feel free to: ASK THE DOCTOR ABOUT MEMORY FOAM PILLOWS:

Pillow Styles: Memory Foam Contour Nimble-Pedic® Comfort Touch

Nimblepedic Comfort Touch Pillow The Nimble-Pedic® Comfort Touch Pillow is a classic style pillow for ultimate comfort. We feel that it compares favorably to the ComfortPillow by TempurPedic®, and that our cover has a softer feel.

The Nimble-Pedic® Comfort Touch Pillow
  • Responds to Body Weight and Temperature
  • Conforms For Even Support
  • Is Pressure Relieving
  • Fantastic Pillow for Between or Under Your Knees when Sleeping
  • Also Great as a Small Body Pillow
  • Helps Align the Body While You Sleep
  • Plush Washable Cotton Velour Cover
  • 2 Year Warranty

Pillow Styles: Memory Foam Contour Nimble-Pedic® Comfort Touch

Memory Foam Neck Contour Pillows
20"long x 12"wide x 4"high
Select Contour Pillow Quantity
Firm Support
Quantity: $99.00 each
Soft Support
Quantity: $99.00 each
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Nimble-Pedic® Comfort Touch Pillow
Select Comfort Touch Pillow Quantity
Quantity: $60.00 each
Back Be Nimble BBB Business Review
Answers to Typical Shopping Questions

Tempur-Pedic® is a registered trademark of TempurPedic®, Inc. Use of such mark herein does not imply sponsorship or endorsement of NimblePedic™ Memory Foam Pillows by TempurPedic®.

Product Notes:
  1. NP-PIL - Memory Foam Pillows by Nimblepedic

    RETURN POLICY: For health reasons, and due to Federal Government regulations, pillows are not returnable items. We feel that our customers appreciate this policy knowing that every pillow they purchase is brand new and never been tried before.

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