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Novafon Power Cordless Massager

Novafon Power Cordless Massager - NEW
Novafon Power Cordless
(charcoal color only)
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List Price: $499.99
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The NEW Cordless Novafon Power offers substantial therapeutic intrasonic enhancements over the previous, corded model. With improved technology, the acoustic waves produced, have more penetrating power pushing healing therapy deep into the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint cartilage and connective tissues. This makes the Novafon Power - cordless the most advanced sonic wave massager available.

Attachments and equipment included with NEW Novafon Power cordless massager

  • Most Powerful Intrasound Sonic Wave Therapy Available
  • Variable Therapy Area Concentration with 2 applicator heads included
  • German-engineered, Powerful, Easy-to-use, Cordless Model
  • Safe Form of Sound Wave Therapy for Clinic or Home Use

Best Novafon Massager - Acoustic Sound Wave Therapy
Novafon Accupoint Attachment - great for trigger points and small joints
Novafon Power schematic detailed specs and measurements
Novafon Power Cordless optional charging station and stand



CORDLESS CONVENIENCE: with a rechargeable battery life of 3 1/2 hrs.

FREQUENCY MODE SELECTOR: 2 intrasonic, acoustic frequencies of 50hz or 100hz. (View our "therapeutic" tab to see setting suggestions).

VARIABLE VIBRATION INTENSITY: 3 levels of vibration intensity, ranging from gentle to strong. Maximum level is greater than the previous 'corded' model. Therapy depth of penetration is greater too.

MANUFACTURING QUALITY: German design, engineering and manufacturing

MANY HEALTH BENEFITS of Novafon Power's Deep Intrasonic Acoustic Therapy

INCLUDED THERAPEUTIC ATTACHMENTS: 1) Flat Disc Head 2) Acu-point Ball Head for focused therapy 3) Accessory attachment for other available therapeutic heads

SAFE THERAPY: tested and safe therapy for clinic and home users

INTUITIVE CONTROLS: easily held and adjusted with one hand. With the top of the multi-function button the vibration intensity can be adjusted. The lower part of the multi-funtion button sets the frequency: 100 Hz/50 Hz/OFF.

Product Notes:
  1. novafonpower - Novafon Power Cordless - NEW
    color: charcoal

    SAVE60 REFUND: If you enter the code: 'SAVE60' in the comments section during checkout, we will refund SIXTY DOLLARS within 24-48 hrs. of you purchasing the Novafon Power Cordless model. The refund will be directly to your method of payment. If paid by check in the mail, we will send you a $60 refund check.

    INVENTORY STATUS: The Novafon Power is in stock and ready to ship.

    MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: LIMITED manufacturer warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of delivery. Warranty coverage is subject to the presentation of a proof of purchase. The use of oils and lotions with the product may incur repair fees during warranty service if they are allowed to penetrate at the base of the therapeutic attachments whereby they clog up the unit.

    CAUTIONS AND ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS: It is recommended that the Novafon Power not be used on pregnant woman or on people with pacemakers of any kind. If you suffer from epilepsy this device is unfortunately not advised. If you have blood clot problems of the lower leg DO NOT use the unit on muscles of your calves or lower legs, since any form of massage there could loosen existing blood clots leading to extremely serious outcomes. Do not use this over diagnosed or suspected areas of a cancerous lesion, as this may encourage metastases or spread of the condition. Make sure to read all instructions included with the product. These are all reasonable and prudent precautions, but information on this website and/or included with the product should not replace a doctors consultation.

    RETURNS: 7-day Return Policy (with restrictions): this is a medically therapeutic device and because physicians tout and will often recommend a short-term trial of intrasound therapy as beneficial, the Novafon Power Cordless is non-returnable after use on the body. If upon receipt, the unit does not appear to meet your expectations of quality or other parameters, you may initiate a return as long the return request is implemented within 7 days of having received the package. All returns must be pre-authorized by notifying Back Be Nimble customer service via email to Customer will be responsible for returning the unit in new, resalable condition to the factory address to be provided in response to your email inquiry. If the unit was sent to you under our free shipping protocol, a restocking fee of $16.50 will be deducted from your product refund to cover the cost of our outbound freight. You will be responsible for choosing your return method; as well as the cost of such return. The Novafon, is however covered under a 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty for defects under normal and appropriate use.

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