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Rapid Release Pro 3 Therapeutic Resonance Massager

Rapid Release Massager Best Scar Tissue Adhesion and Myofascial Release Tool
Rapid Release - RRT-Pro3 Cordless
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Rapid Release Pro 3 NEW Cordless Massager is replacing the Rapid Release Pro 2 - Now easier to soothe away soreness, while loosening tight joints & muscles with a portable model.
RRT( or rapid release therapy) delivers an amazing, unequaled 10,000 RPM repetitive tapping velocity. This tapotement/percussion is even more powerful than the previous Pro 2 corded model. Pro 3 applies a comfortable short stroke of low amplitude; therapy, shaking loose chronically tight tissues. Many users report relief of persistent and difficult conditions. User feedback suggests a difference may be noted within a few 3 minute therapeutic sessions. An opera singer's voice is capable of producing sound waves that vibrate a crystal wine glass causing it to break into pieces. This only happens to fine crystal. What's interesting is a non-crystal glass next to it will not shatter. Like the glass vs. crystal, massage waves vibrating at 10K cycles/sec. tend to soften and release tissue of abnormal character, while not affecting normal soft tissues.
great general treatment for trigger points and spasms of the back

Non-surgical breakup and release of fascial, scar tissue or joint capsule adhesions
Breaking Cycle of Inflammation and Chronic Pain
Breaks up tight soft tissues
Pro 3 Rapid Release Therapy uses harmonic resonance or vibrational frequencies applied to tight soft tissue



Rapid Release Pro 3 has no competition and although it is NOT one, it out performs the benefits of any percussive device. This is due to the speed of vibration being three to five times the frequency of any percussive type massage device and having a shorter stroke.

Additionally, our Rapid Release is lightweight, well-balanced and extremely portable for use in the field, the gym or an athletic training room.

Long Lasting Battery Charge: one full lithium battery charge will last most chiropractors one whole day of doing patient treatments.

Pulsed, High-velocity, Low Amplitude Impact: Similar to percussion, but more comfortable, Rapid Release Pro 3 uses fast, repetitive pulsed impacts; providing effective therapy for most users. Feedback from purchasers (doctors and home users) has been positive and many have reported pain relief and a noticeable improvement in flexibility and joint motion.

Often Shows Fast Results A 5 minute massage with Rapid Release has been verbally reported to provide quick pain relief by multiple users.

Does Rapid Release Improve Athletic Performance? by 1) Athletic trainers and sports rehabilitation practitioners have expressed enthusiasm for all the possibilities with Rapid Release therapy. 2) They are also sometimes applying Rapid Release to certain key areas of concern prior to performance.

Even For the Novice or Self-treatment Advocate : with minimal practice and by viewing suggested therapy protocol whitepapers, even a novice may experience soothing relief for a variety of things.

Chiropractors Relate that cordless Pro 3 is Providing Valuable Adjunctive Treatment for Their Patients: sharing that such treatments often demonstrate impressive results in as little as two 3 minute sessions.

Benefits Like Pain Relief Seen in Equine Models (horses) may show (in soon to be conducted studies) to apply to humans as well.

Features of Model RRTPro3: 1) DC motor is brushless, NOW quieter and runs cooler, 2) user controls the output of frequency and torque, 3) extensive vibration dampening is employed for extra comfort.

Product Notes:
  1. rrtpro3 - NEW Rapid Release Pro 3 Cordless Massager
    +$50 Gift Certificate by email

    GIFT CERTIFICATE GUIDELINES: any gift certificates offered in association with this purchase will be emailed directly to the address on your order within one week of purchase. Such certificates may not be applied as a credit toward this particular purchase, but shall be valid for credit toward any future BackBeNimble.com purchase within the next year. You may use the gift certificate at any time within that year period, but please note that use of the gift certificate prior to the expiration of the 90-day return guarantee, will completely void the possibility of exercising the return policy for the Rapid Release.

    INVENTORY STATUS: Rapid Release Pro 3 in stock and ready to ship.

    WARRANTY: manufacturer now offers a 2-year warranty on all parts defective in material and workmanship only. It shall be up to the discretion of the manufacturer whether to repair or replace any of the parts necessary to return the unit to full functionality. Warranty may be transferred, but only with the provision of the original proof of purchase.

    RETURNS: 90-day 100% Satisfaction and Return Policy
    Rapid Release Pro 3 is a medically therapeutic device and because physicians tout and will often recommend a short-term trial of Rapid Release Therapy as beneficial, if returned, there will be a restocking fee of 15% of the purchase price. No restocking fee for Licensed Health Care Professionals. All returns must be pre-authorized by notifying Back Be Nimble customer service via email to sales@backbenimble.com. Customer will be responsible for returning the unit in new, resalable condition to the factory address to be provided in response to your email inquiry. You will be responsible for choosing a safe and insured return method; as well as the cost of such return.

    OBSERVING RRT RESULTS: using RRT over normal tissue, the user will visualize a wave-like action or 'ripple effect' moving through the tissues surrounding the applicator head. However, when positioned over areas of unhealthy tissue like chronic, fibrous tissue adhesions, such wave-like effects will not initially be noted.

    • Do not apply over joint replacements, plates or screws
    • Do not apply the trumpet or actuator heads to bone.
    • Do not leave stationary for more than 5 seconds.
    • Do not use on DVT or areas with blood clots.
    • Do not use for longer than 10 minutes or when unit feels hot.
    • Do not apply directly over acutely inflammed plantar fasciitis.
    • Do not apply over areas with lesions or tumors that are suspect of being malignant (cancerous).
    • Do not use in proximity of a cardiac pacemaker without approval from treating cardiologist.
    • Do not apply during pregnancy.

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