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TheraGear ®ABS Pro Exercise Balls



theragear-balls II for trigger point and spasms
theragear-balls self massage of the neck muscles
theragear-balls treating the low back muscles
theragear-balls treating the low back muscles
theragear-balls 2 self-directed treatment of muscle spasm and tension
theragear-balls 2 self-directed treatment of muscle spasm and tension

Sitting on a ball for improved posture and alignment PRO7 ABS TheraGear® Swiss Balls are safer than simple ABS rated balls as the "pro ABS" designation means a higher bursting threshold rating, and therefore greater safety and durability. Theragear Pro ABS Balls are manufactured by a world renowned German company and have anti-burst technology rated up to 500 lbs. The TheraGear Swiss Ball Pro is specially developed for heavy-duty exercising when high intensity workouts for either core or weight training are required. This ball also has a special non-slip surface for staying in place. The static load rating for these balls is 2200 lbs.; and they have a plyometric or impact limit of 500 lbs.(aka: ABS rating). Theragear products are used worldwide by professional athletes and trainers.

Why Incorporate Fitness or Gymnic Balls into your Workout?

  1. Improves function of postural and core stabilizing muscles. Stabilizing muscles balance the actions of prime mover muscles to coordinate smooth movement patterns. Core muscle strength rehabilitates injured joints and prevents further injury.
  2. Improves posture by strengthening the supportive musculature of the spine hips and abdominals.
  3. Improves integrity of stance, balance and agility by creating instability in the workout or training environment. This forces your own core muscles to enhance dynamic support and stabilization of your body during exercise, sport performance or everyday activities.
  4. girl on fitness ball Increasing core strength and development: with a Theragear Fitness Ball requires constant recruitment of the core musculature, unlike fitness machines whereby stability of the weight is provided by the equipment. Being that all body movements emanate from your core, it is essential to have a strong and well coordinated trunk musculature. Result: improved function and ability to transfer more power from the core to the extremities.
  5. Develops strength in all planes of movement (sagittal, transverse and frontal), as opposed to machine training that usually strengthens mainly in one plane of movement. Most injuries occur in the transverse or frontal planes; a sign that we should be developing more strength in these planes. Result: improved functional strength and decreased chance of injury.
  6. Challenges your nervous system resulting in improved speed for recruitment of muscles leading to better quickness, strength, power and overall performance.
      TheraGear X-treme Exercise Ball
  7. Birthing Balls / Birth your baby using a TheraGear ® Pro ABS ball. This makes it easier and safer for yourself and your baby. Gravity takes over, doing some of the work. Your baby moves downhill while properly positioned on one of our safe Birth Balls (choose only the Pro ABS to feel secure about the safety of your baby during the birth process). You should choose the Theragear Swiss Pro ABS Birthing Ball to provide that extra assurance of a more pleasant experience for you both.. At Theragear, your safety, with less worry is a major concern for us..
  8. Who should use a Swiss Ball?
    Bodybuilders, Gymnasts, Mixed Martial Artists, Mothers needing a birthing ball, Non-Athletes, Seniors, Elite Athletes, Back Pain Sufferers and those needing to reduce stress. Also, don't forget those wanting an unconventional but great, posture-enhancing, ergonomic ball chair.
Choosing the correct ball size:
Body Height Ball Size
4’10 - 5’5 (145-165 cm) Medium 22 (55 cm)
5’5 - 6’0 (165-185 cm) Large 26 (65 cm)
6’0 - 6’5 (185-195 cm) X-Large 30 (75 cm)
Please Note: This Chart is a guide only and particularly applicable to exercising your spine on the ball according to original Swiss standards. Depending on your needs (sitting or exercising) you may need a different size.

What Is The Best Swiss Exercise Ball For You?

We only recommend using exercise balls with an anti-burst quality with the designation of "ABS Ball". Only such balls help guarantee the safety needed while exercising, sitting or birthing on a ball.

TheraGear's Superman Exercise Balls are made with the highest quality and safety standards. The technology of these state-of-the-art balls have a 2200 lb. weight capacity and 500 lb. anti burst rating. "ABS" signifies that if the ball is punctured, it will not burst. When a sharp object penetrates the skin of the ball, the air will escape slowly; thus the ball will slowly deflate, lessening the risk of injuries.

TheraGear X-treme Exercise Ball Important: Weight limits are measured in two ways, static and dynamic. Static weight is like you standing still on a bathroom scale. Dynamic weight is like you standing on the scale and exerting downward pressure by flexing your knees or bouncing on the scale. It is important to consider both ratings when deciding which ball is best for your needs.

TheraGear ABS Pro Exercise Balls
One Free Ball Pump Per Order
(not per ball)
ABS Pro 55cm Plum (Medium) $58.95 each
ABS Pro 65cm Steel Blue (Large) $61.95 each
ABS Pro 75cm Dark Green (X-Large) $65.95 each
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Product Notes:
  1. powerball - TheraGear Swiss-style Exercise Ball
    Free Ball Pump with order

    WEIGHTLIFTING WITH SWISS BALLS: Although our pro balls do have an anti-burst rating of 500 lbs., we certainly warn about the danger of doing exercise with more than your body weight on a swiss ball of any type or brand. Please note that if you choose to do such, you do so at your own risk, because even without bursting, the instability of this type of exercise could lead to undesirable consequence or injury.

    BIRTHING BALLS: Please note that our TheraGear Pro ABS Ball makes a great ball for birthing your baby. Make sure you only order a PRO BALL for this purpose as we do not consider the other safe enough for such an important purpose.

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