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Therasonic Ultrasound & Multi-use Conductive Gel

Richmar Therasonic Multi-Use Conductive Gel

TheraSonic Ultrasound & Multi-Use Conductive Gel is the perfect ultrasound and sound wave transmission gel for all frequencies from infrasound to ultrasound and is compatible with all sonic or ultrasound devices. This would include diagnostic ultrasound devices, therapeutic ultrasound devices or other devices requiring a viscous sound conductive gel.
Richmar Therasonic Multi-Use Conductive Gel
  • Acoustically correct for transmission of a broad range of ultrasound or other sonic frequencies
  • Use for a variety of purposes, including fetal doppler baby heart monitor, doppler ultrasound, ultrasonic cavitation gel, and therapeutic ultrasound procedures
  • Therasonic is also good for "Extracorporeal Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy(ESWT)" applications
  • Spreads evenly and won't stain clothing or damage transducers
  • Water-soluble, hypoallergenic, bacterio-static, and non-irritating
  • Recommended for all procedures in which a viscous gel is required
  • CAUTION: not recommended for use with defibrillators or electro-therapy devices
  • 5-liter (1.32-gallon) container includes an 8 oz. refillable bottle
  • Also available in 8oz. and 16oz. sizes

What is the purpose of Ultrasound Transmission Gel?

The reason one needs to use ultrasound transmission gel is due to the fact that ultrasonic waves do not travel well through air. Back Be Nimble's Therasonic Ultrasound Transmission Gel is used to displace any air pockets that may develop between the ultrasound applicator head(transducer) and the patient in an effort to reduce acoustic impedance caused by air. This will help achieve 100% transmission of sound waves. This factor is even more important for diagnostic ultrasound, so that the resulting images produced will have the ultimate clarity; and improving the likelihood of a more accurate diagnosis. That being said, Therasonic Gel also greatly enhances the value of therapeutic ultrasound.

Back Be Nimble also offers several products which may use the Therasonic Conductive Gel.
  1. Advanced Richmar Theratouch UX2 Ultrasound - sets the standard for high-quality, full-featured & versatile therapeutic ultrasound. the UX2 offers a color touchscreen interface that intuitively groups and displays clinical protocols, guiding clinicians step-by-step to ensure the ideal therapeutic treatment.
  2. Economical Ultrasound Unit for Home Use - professional quality, generating pulsed sound waves at 1 million cycles/second effectively producing deep heat at the cellular level for the treatment of selected medical conditions such as pain relief, muscle spasms, scar tissue, and joint adhesions. It helps muscle rehabilitation, loosens and mobilizes soft tissue and speeds healing. This is the best economical choice in therapeutic ultrasound applications.
  3. Novafon Power 2.0 Cordless Intrasonic Massager - the NEXT Generation in cordless intrasonic wave therapy. CAUTION: Although transmission of sonic waves can be improved with use of an ultrasound transmission gel like Therasonic, it is important to use it sparingly with the Novafon Power 2.0 because you only want the gel to be applied to the therapeutic applicator and must avoid getting the gel into the Novafon unit itself. The Novafon's applicator head should be removed and cleaned after each use.

Therasonic Ultrasound & Multi-use Conductive Gel

Available in several sizes
5 liters (1.32 gal. with Dispenser)  $29.95
16oz. Bottle  $8.95
8oz. Bottle  $5.95
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