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Product Notes

NEW Thumper Mini Pro Replaces Mini Pro 2

NEW advanced latest and greatest Thumper Mini Pro 3rd rendition
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NEW Thumper Mini Pro - 3rd Edition Offers Improved Deep-tissue Technology and Ultimate Power
Percussion massage (aka: shiatsu tapotement) was practiced by the Greeks as a valued tension reliever and health restorer since ancient times. Now this powerful therapy is even more hi-tech as we introduce the 3rd rendition of Thumper Mini Pro. This model replaces the Thumper Mini Pro 2, but instead of calling it "Thumper Mini Pro 3", the manufacturer has simply chosen to call it "Thumper Mini Pro". But make no mistake, the power, direct drive and smooth operation in this new rendition is unsurpassed by any other professional massager.

versatility of new Thumper Mini Pro

Thumper Approved Authorized dealer for Thumper Mini-Pro
Computer assisted percussive massage is synchronous and smooth
Thumper introduces the ultimate mini-pro massager
Latest and best Thumper MiniPro model



Relieves Muscle Tension and Fatigue

Dissolves Trigger Points

Relaxes, Invigorates and Dissipates Soreness: making it great for delayed onset muscle soreness.

Helps Alleviate Low Back Pain

Reduces and Helps Eliminate Tension Headaches: related to tightness in neck and upper trapezius muscles.

Product Notes:
  1. D401NA - Thumper Mini Pro - NEW Ultimate 3rd Edition

    Warning required for California Residents Only:
    The state of California requires that any product manufactured with certain chemicals post this warning on the product and marketing materials.

    WARNING: this product can expose you to chemicals including di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

    DEHP is used to make the plastic/rubber in the product more flexible and is used in many common products (e.g. raincoats, furniture, garden hoses, medical tubing and even in some toys).

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