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Weighted and Washable Body Blanket from Grampa's Garden


Grampa's Garden Weighted Blankets are designed for the weight of the blanket to be evenly distributed across the entire body. Recommended size and total weight varies with the needs of the intended user. In general, the correct total weight is the primary focus, and should be about 10 percent of the user's weight plus an additional pound or two.

Although not heatable like other Grampa's Garden products, therapeutic blankets provide good warmth, in addition to body-wide sensory stimulating & gentle pressure, mimicking the feeling of being cuddled. The evenly distributed pressure is intended to emulate “pressure touch stimulation” similar to a calming massage. Well-distributed pressure sensation across the entire body alters the focus of the brain, reducing the ability to focus on sensations of pain.

The evenly distributed pressure feels like a calming touch and has a soothing effect on mood or state-of-mind. Therefore, weighted blankets are often prescribed to reduce stress and anxiety.

In essence, weighted blankets are a non-drug option that can be used day or night to reduce anxiety, calm nerves, provide comfort, promote deep sleep, while functioning as a prudent, therapeutic component of the treatment for many conditions. Such conditions generally involve the mind and relative perception of one's own body or the world around us.


Mimics A Good Warm Hug - Research has shown that hugs tend to make us feel at ease. When one receives a warm hug, the body releases the hormone oxytocin. This hormone helps reduce blood pressure, slows the heart, and provides a feeling of relaxation. For both young and old “weighted body blankets” feel like a good, warm hug from a loved one.

Improves Sleep Quality - weighted blankets utilize deep pressure stimulation, widely thought to enhance the production of mood-boosting serotonin & dopamine; subsequently leading to a release of melatonin(the hormone that puts you to sleep at night). At the same time this therapy triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, serving to slow the rate of breathing as well as the heart rate. When dopamine is released in our brain, we feel a sense of temporary pleasure. Serotonin, while similar to dopamine, creates a longer-lasting feeling of happiness or well-being.

Decreases Anxiety - Calming effect of weighted blankets, reduces cortisol and therefore stress level.

Mimics Stomach Sleeping - w/o the drawbacks to spinal health. One of the reasons people like to sleep on their stomach is because it is an innate, comforting feeling perceived by not exposing the front, softer parts of one's body to the environment. In less civilized times, when people slept outdoors, this prevented exposure of vital organs and more sensitive body parts to predators or wild animals.

Calms Restless Legs - Although we don't know exactly why, weighted blanket therapy helps calm the twitches and uneasy sensation associated with “Restless Leg Syndrome”


Helps Relieve Chronic Pain - Chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia, impacts the everyday life of its sufferers. The fatigue can be overwhelming, but it can also cause "fibro fog," GI and urinary issues, alongside, depression and insomnia that may last longer than expected.. As the weighted blankets help in increasing the serotonin levels in the brain, using one may aid in alleviating symptoms and lead to a rather restorative sleep.

Sleep & Sensory Disorders: - Weighted blankets are great for “sensory processing disorders”. Autism is one good example of a “sensory disorder: best described as a "traffic jam" in the brain. Although several signals reach the brain, some get blocked creating confusion and frustration. Autistic children and adults often experience a feeling of being overwhelmed without any apparent reason.

In Summary - Sensory Processing Issues often lead to unexplained, panicky meltdowns that are regularly misunderstood by those around them. Weighted blankets pre-occupy one's brain with body-wide signals of comforting pressure, thereby suppressing the negative feelings and emotions. Following, is a more comprehensive list of "Sensory Processing Disorders:"
  • Insomnia: encourages relaxation for falling and staying asleep.
  • ADD/ADHD: Kids use Grampa's Garden blankets to settle down after school, or to encourage relaxing prior to falling asleep.
  • Asperger’s / Autistic Spectrum: Helps calm the child and assists in therapy sessions.
  • Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS): Grampa's Garden weighted blankets can help fidgeting legs due to chemotherapy treatments, menopause and peripheral neuropathy.
  • Anxiety and Panic Symptoms: Alleviate stress, tension, and anxiety with a Grampa's Garden Weighted Blanket.
  • Elderly: Weighted blankets help calm many symptoms associated with seniors, including those experiencing Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease. Alzheimer’s or other dementias often lead to agitation, anxiousness and/or disturbed sleep.
  • PTSD(post-traumatic stress disorder): Grampa's Garden Weighted Blankets are very therapeutic for PTSD and other nervous system disorders
  1. NOT RECOMMENDED for use on children under 3 years of age
  2. DO NOT COVER THE HEAD with a weighted body blanket.
  3. CONSULT YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER before using weighted blanket therapy if you suffer from respiratory, circulatory, or temperature regulation problems.
  • Care Instructions: Wash by hand or machine wash on gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Dry on low, or drip dry.
  • Filled with Non-Toxic Poly Pellets® that cuddle the user
  • Ideal Weight Choice: determined by taking 10% of user's weight +1-2 lbs.
  • Fabrics: 2 basic types as follows:
    1. Soft cotton /cotton flannel (inner and outer sides)
    2. Laminate soft, flexible waterproof plastic outside / soft cotton on inner side
  • Sizes/Weights:
    5 lbs - 30”x40”, 5 lbs - 36"x48", 7 lbs - 42”x56”, 10 lbs - 41”x60”,
    12.5 lbs - 41"x60", 15 lbs - 41”x72”, 20 lbs - 41"X72", 25 lbs - 56"x76"

Grampa's GardenWeighted and Washable Body Blanket
First: Select Your Blanket
Size & Weight ...

... Then Select available Soft Fabric or Laminate Cover Choice for that size/weight ...

Navy Flannel Weighted and Washable Body Blanket from Grampas Garden
Navy Flannel
Galaxy Cotton / Purple Flannel Weighted and Washable Body Blanket from Grampas Garden
Galaxy Cotton / Purple Flannel
Zoo Animals Weighted and Washable Body Blanket from Grampas Garden
Zoo Animals
Pink Flannel / Pink Soft Dots Weighted and Washable Body Blanket from Grampas Garden
Pink Flannel / Pink Soft Dots
Navy Soft Dot Weighted and Washable Body Blanket from Grampas Garden
Navy Soft Dot

Waterproof Laminate Covers below
Monkey Laminate / Teal Laminate back Weighted and Washable Body Blanket from Grampas Garden
Monkey Laminate / Teal Laminate back
Adds $20.00
Owl Laminate / Teal Laminate back Weighted and Washable Body Blanket from Grampas Garden
Owl Laminate / Teal Laminate back
Adds $20.00
Teal Laminate Weighted and Washable Body Blanket from Grampas Garden
Teal Laminate
Adds $20.00
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Product Notes:
  1. ggWBB - Weighted Body Blanket

    CAUTIONS WITH WEIGHTED BLANKETS: Important Product Information & Warnings:
    • Minimum Age: 3 Years Old
    • Recommended Blanket Weight(user specific): 10% of Body Weight + 1 LB
    • Weighted Blankets should never be used to restrain a person, or to restrict their movement.
    • Weighted Blankets should never go past the shoulders, and should never cover the head.
    • Please check with the child's health care provider to advise on use and type of weighted product before purchasing.

    CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash by hand or machine wash on gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Dry on low, or drip dry. Blanket is NON-HEATABLE!

  2. ggWBBZoo - Zoo Animals

    Zoo Animals blankets will ship with either brown or red fabric

  3. ggWBBZoo18 - Zoo Animals

    Zoo Animals blankets will ship with either brown or red fabric

  4. ggWBBZoo14 - Zoo Animals

    Zoo Animals blankets will ship with either brown or red fabric

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