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Acu Masseur Massager Tool

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Acumasseur Self Massage Tool

Acu-masseur Massager feels like massage by a real masseur. Pull the string and
relax into a good trap, neck, lowback or leg massage.
  • Acumasseur is best-in-class for self massage of the neck and shoulders.
  • A highly innovative and durable manual massage tool that easily adjusts to accommodate various size people.
  • Designed by a well-known Swedish massage therapist to work out trigger points and pressure points for therapeutic myo-fascial release.
  • Particularly useful for working out knots in the, legs, TFL, neck and hard-to-reach shoulder or trapezius muscles.
  • Used properly, Acu-masseur quickly alleviates a tension headache.
  • Very portable; use on breaks at work.
  • Spelled as Acu-masseur massager, not Accu-masseur massager.
  • Combining with use of a superb orthopedic pillow provides a comprehensive, therapeutic solution for neck pain sufferers.
Strong self-directed neck massage Portable Self-directed Massager

Best Neck Massage Tool Massager
  Original Acumasseur Model MAS01 - beware of knock-offs
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