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Product Notes

Skwoosh® Therapy Gel Seat Cushion

Skwoosh Therapy Gel Logo Skwoosh Therapy Gel Cushion Therapy Gel Cushion Improves Posture

Made in the USA The design is water proof, low profile, inconspicuous and super lightweight. The carry handles and stay-put effect of the non-skid bottom are a welcome plus.

Skwoosh Therapy Gel Cushion has been discontinued and Skwoosh has re-introduced it as the new and improved ---

Skwoosh Office Support Cushion. Back Be Nimble is proud to offer the new, streamlined look with the same features, uses and benefits. The cushion now comes standard with the softer, more comfy AirFlo fabric.

View/Order the new version by clicking the link below:
Skwoosh Office Support Cushion

Product Notes:
  1. skwoosh-tc - Skwoosh Therapy Gel Cushion

    PRODUCT INNOVATION: The USA made Skwoosh Therapy Gel Cushion now offers Air-Flo 3D Breathable Mesh Fabric as an optional upgrade. It is patented, durable, lightweight and adds a softer comfort to the Therapy Gel Cushion.

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