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Skwoosh® Office Support Gel Cushion

Skwoosh Therapy Gel Logo Skwoosh Office Support Gel Seat Cushion Therapeutic Office Gel Seat Wedge Improves Posture

Made in the USA Back Be Nimble now offers the perfect therapeutic gel posture cushion for the ergonomic office. The cushion is both low profile and inconspicuous, yet increases productivity and postural support at the office, by increasing comfort for long term tasks at the desk or computer.

Doctor-approved office support cushion

Doctor-endorsed Skwoosh Office Support Gel Cushion

Skwoosh Office Support Seat has a wedge shape that not only provides and ergonomic forward tilt to the pelvis, but offers pressure-reduction and relief from the stress of sitting. This gel-based cushion comes standard with a soft, cool top fabric known as Air-Flo 3D™ Mesh.

Skwoosh Office Support Cushion was formerly known as the Skwoosh Posture Comfort Cushion, the first of perhaps many therapeutic gel products for the office coming from Skwoosh Therapeutics.

TekPad® Gel Technology flows and contours to relieve pressure without bottoming out (controlled gel dispersion). The placement of more gel in the buttocks area supports a posture-enhancing wedge effect of approximately 2.5 degrees. This encourages a correct spinal posture while sitting. Gel flow with movement increases circulation and offers adaptive pressure relief in any position. Combining pressure point relief with a posture enhancing forward pelvic tilt, this lightweight cushion guarantees hours of sitting comfort.

We recommend it for sitting on hard surfaces or simply enhancing the ergonomics of your office chairs and other seating. Whether you suffer from Sciatica, Coccydynia, hip complaints, impaired circulation or just want superb comfort, Skwoosh Office Support Cushion is up to the task.

Comfort Top Fabric with Non-slip Bottom that stays in place CONDITIONS HELPED BY THE OFFICE SUPPORT CUSHION

  • General Seating Discomfort
  • Sciatica
  • Coccydynia or Tail Bone Pain
  • Lumbago or Low Back Pain
  • Poor Posture While Sitting
  • Piriformis Syndrome

  • Hip Pain and Bursitis
  • Pressure Sores
  • Varicosities & Poor Circulation In Legs
  • Pins and Needles Sensation in Legs or Buttocks
  • Post Hip Replacement

  • Stadium and Spectator Seating
  • Car Seats and Airline Seats
  • Coffee Houses and Restaurants
  • Church Pews
  • Dining Room Chairs
  • Hard to Semi-firm Surfaces requiring either pressure relief and/or postural support
  • Kayaks and Canoes may actually improve performance and help lessen back injuries because of the 3 degrees of forward pelvic tilt.
  • Wheelchair Cushion offering amazing pressure relief for such a lightweight cushion (only 13 ounces)

Skwoosh Lumbar Cradle is often recommended by our ergonomic expert as the perfect compliment to the Office Support Cushion for optimal comfort and support of the lower back.

Skwoosh Office Support Gel Cushion (2.5° forward tilt)
Quantity: $62.99 each
List Price: $79.95
Check to add more gel
   & increase tilt to 5°
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Lightweight Gel Posture Cushion for the office

Skwoosh Air-Flo Fabric Mesh Pattern

  • Air-Flo 3D is a patented breathable mesh fabric
  • Nature of the fabric helps dissipate heat
  • Provides a comfortable top fabric for sitting with shorts or skirts

with AIR-FLO 3D™
The Cooler Breathable Fabric

Skwoosh Air-Flo 3D Breathable Fabric

AIR-FLO 3D™ has a unique three dimensional, internal structure that provides cushioning and allows it to breath. It is durable, lightweight, washable and performance proven.

Skwoosh Office Support Cushion made in the USA

Product Notes:
  1. skwoosh-os - Skwoosh Office Support Gel Cushion

    PRODUCT INNOVATION: The USA made Skwoosh Office Comfort Gel Cushion includes the Air-Flo 3D Breathable Mesh Fabric. This fabric is lightweight, durable and adds a softer comfort to the Skwoosh Office Comfort Seat.

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