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Backnobber II Massager™ by Pressure Positive

Backnobber II for trigger point and spasms
Backnobber self massage of the neck muscles
Backnobber treating the low back muscles
Backnobber 2 self-directed treatment of muscle spasm and tension
Backnobber II is one of the original self-care and self-directed massage tools. It makes it easy to apply deep therapeutic pressure on just the right spot you've always wanted to reach. Why not continue the work of your massage therapist at home with ongoing, practical, muscle spasm & trigger point care when you need it most.

Backnobber Massager II helps break up deep muscle knots in the neck, shoulder, upper and lower back.

    Backnobber II Benefits
  • Simple, deep-tissue self massage tool.
  • Ideal for hard to reach triggerpoints in the back & neck muscles.
  • Self treatment of chronic muscle pain.
  • Use for myofascial work, myo-therapy, shiatsu and acupressure.
  • Unique "S" shape offers versatile positioning.
  • User can apply gentle or firm pain-releasing pressure.
  • Snaps apart for storage and travel.

Backnobber® II allows you to control the amount of pressure you apply to muscle knots and trigger points so that you get the most effective release possible. This therapeutic technique facilitates a release of tension, muscle fatigue, knots, trigger points, discomfort and stiffness. To use the Backnobber, simply place the knob on a tender area of the muscle, and apply gentle pressure for five to thirty seconds. Feel the tension melt away as the spasm subsides!
Backnobber II Massager™
Color: Blue
Quantity: $34.95  each
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Product Notes:
  1. 10080 - Backnobber II

    CAUTIONS: Wash with warm soapy water and towel dry. Do not use in a hot tub.

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