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BetterBack Lumbar & Seat Cushion

Multi-purpose Seat & Back Support

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Nimblepedic Split King Latex Mattress with Wall-hugging adjustable base
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BetterBack Lumbar Support Seat: A portable and foldable back support that is ergonomically designed to support proper neutral spine alignment and to promote correct posture while sitting in different positions. The Betterback Support adds great orthopedic stability to the pelvis providing more integrity to a weak back.

Features & Benefits
  • Offers padded but firm lumbar and thoracic spine support
  • Adds pressure relief to your seat
  • Great for commuting in car or truck seats
  • Makes a huge difference for truck drivers on long hauls
  • Perfect for office seating
  • May even be used in your favorite, recliner or sofa
  • Unlike most support, Betterback also works on overly soft sofas and easy chairs
  • Weight: 5.3 lbs / Dimensions: 19"W x 18" Deep / Padding 2" thick
while Commuting Comfortable padding with anatomically correct seating is essential for both good health and personal well being. Sitting improperly in the same position for extended periods of time can cause unnecessary headaches, strain and excess fatigue.

in the Office
Our manufacturer prides itself in the design and manufacturing of high quality back supports that are specifically structured to follow the natural shape of the human body. Constructed of upholstered, contoured wood, these portable products are used world wide.

while Relaxing Use While Relaxing
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The Adjustable Lumbar Support is now included on all BetterBacks!
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List Price: $149.00
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Back Be Nimble BBB Business Review
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