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BodyBilt Conference and Training Chairs

  BodyBilt Conference and Training chairs  
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Bodybilt Conference and Training Room Chairs set the ergonomic standards for conference chair manufacturing. That is why we rely on Bodybilt performance, comfort and durability; and have for 14 years.

BodyBilt's conference and training room chairs are an ideal solution for environments requiring comfort for hours on end.

When it comes to ergonomic comfort, conference and training rooms are often the most neglected areas of the office.

The captive audiences in these areas often find themselves anxious to cut their meetings short, simply to escape the back pain and discomfort of poorly-designed seating. BodyBilt has created a line of chairs that combines the pressure-reducing seat contours of our standard seating collections with ergonomic adjustability that is ideal for conference and training room settings. BodyBilt seat and backrest contours work with our unique Posture Control system to reduce seated pressure by dispersing the user's weight over more surface area than other chairs, thus reducing seated pressure (psi). It's easy to understand the importance of being comfortable when you're trying to absorb a maximum amount of information, whether it's during a training session for new employees, or a high-level board meeting around the conference table.

BodyBilt Features:
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Online Configuration & Ordering
Use the following form to begin configuring the Conference/Training chair which best meets your needs. Once you have made the selections below, click the "Continue Configuration" button which will take you to a page where you will select specific upholstery color and other available options.

Configuration Notes:

  1. If you are not yet familiar with BodyBilt chair features and options, you will find the  "more info"  links under each step below helpful while configuring your Bodybilt chair.
Step 1.
Conference Chair Seat Styles
more info: #7 BodyBilt Seat more info: #8 BodyBilt Seat more info: #9 BodyBilt Seat
Moderate Contour
more info...
Minimal Contour
normal size
more info...
Stretch Seat
Tall Users
more info...
Step 2.
Conference Backrest Styles
more info: 700 Series BodyBilt Backrest more info: 2000 Series BodyBilt Backrest
700 Series

more info...
2000 Series

more info...
Step 3.
Upholstery Grades Available
BodyBilt offers a wide selection of Upholstery options for your chair. Here, you will pick the GRADE of upholstery that you prefer - Later, you will be presented with all of the colors available within your selected grade. (more Upholstery info...)

 IMPORTANT QUICKSHIP Consideration  - if you need your chair to ship within 6 working days then you MUST select an upholstery group below marked as  QUICKSHIP AVAILABLE  at this point in the configuration process. (more Detailed SHIPPING info...)

 NOTE:  - selection of GRADE 4 Upolstery disallows later selection of the S'Port Ridge option because the S'Port Ridge causes unacceptable wrinkling of the GRADE 4 Uphosltery.

* Select A Model Below To Begin Configuring Your Bodybilt Chair:
Executive Chairs Tack Chairs Intensive Use Chairs Big and Tall Chairs Conference and Training Chairs
Executive Task Intensive Use Big & Tall Conference & Training
BodyBilt Features:
Posture Controls   Seats   Arms   Upholstery   Misc. Options   FAQ  

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