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Massage Room Accessories, Table Equipment Options and Disposables: All your best practice accessories in one place. Note that these Custom Craftworks products are grouped as being available for quick ship (ships in 3 days) or not (ships in 3 weeks).

Quickship AccessoriesQuickship Accessories
6x27 Inch Round Ankle Bolster6x27 Inch Round Ankle Bolster

Our most popular, the Ankle Bolster is available in ...

Levante Vinyl $43.26
Duratouch Urethane $70.04
Arm Rest ShelfArm Rest Shelf

Increase your treatment effectiveness by positioning your client for greater access to the shoulder. Available in ...

Levante Vinyl $62.83
Duratouch Urethane $88.58

Rolling Stool (pneumatic)Rolling Stool (pneumatic)

Sit down and rest your feet with our high-quality Rolling Stool. With height adjustments from 19" to 27". Available in ...

Levante Vinyl $140.08
Duratouch Urethane $165.83
Dual Action Face RestDual Action Face Rest

This popular face rest tilts and elevates above the surface of the table. Available in ...

Levante Vinyl $127.72
Duratouch Urethane $204.97

Disposable Face Rest Overlay CoversDisposable Face Rest Overlay Covers

These luxurious face rest overlays have the feel of soft cotton with the convenience of a disposability and cleanliness. Available in ...

Set of 10 $17.46
Set of 100 $179.74
Sani-Covers - Disposable Face Rest CoversSani-Covers - Disposable Face Rest Covers

These crescent shaped face rest covers have the feel of cotton and the convenience of a disposable face rest cover overlay. Available in ...

Set of 50 $14.41
Set of 500 $134.88

3 Pocket Carry Case3 Pocket Carry Case

Protect your investment with the durable Carry Case. It zips open on three sides for easy loading and the reinforced bottom prevents damage to your table. Available for ...

Standard Tables $127.72
Oversized Tables $134.93
NON-Quickship Accessories
Table WarmerTable Warmer

The Table Warmer gently warms from underneath, keeping your clients comfortable during treatments.

More info... $88.58
Fleece Table PadFleece Table Pad

Our fitted Fleece Pad adds an extra layer of comfort for your clients and helps maintain body heat.

More info... $45.32

Flannel Sheet SetFlannel Sheet Set

100% Cotton Flannel Sheets including 1 fitted and 1 flat, 40 thread count.

More info... $42.23
Plush Flannel Face Rest CoversPlush Flannel Face Rest Covers

Fitted Flannel Face Rest Cover Set includes 6 washable covers.

More info... $51.50

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