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DynaMax Split-Core Trainer


Girls DynaMax Workout for Ripped Abs  Military Aerobics Workout with DynaMax Core Trainer Girls Can Core Train with DynaMax  Military Chest and Abdominal Training
NEW DynaMax Split-Core Trainer with a german-made split stainless steel gyro offers the toughest boot camp quality workout you can put your hands on.

Stainless Steel Rotor DynaMax Split-Core Trainer by Dynaflex
DynaMax Gyroscopic Technology has been enhanced with a German-engineered stainless steel rotor making this the ultimate in "ARM RIPPING WORKOUTS". Up to an amazing 220 lbs. of resistance is generated at 9000rpm. This force and speed exceeds that of the predecessor known as the DynaMax Core Trainer Original with the plastic gyro.

German-engineered by "Kern Power", the new steel gyro version of the DynaMax Split Core Trainer was developed to be more smooth, stable, durable and easy to start than any previous models. Amaze your friends and family with the most unique total body fitness to hit the market in years.  Demo Video (Please note that the demo is being done with the old non-steel gyro model)

DFX Sport and Fitness (formerly Dynaflex International) recognized the need for cross-fit training, extreme exercise intensity, and muscle confusion in a easily portable exercise device.

  • Originally Developed For Our Military Special Forces: DynaMax Core Trainer is now available to you! But be forewarned... this is a military bootcamp in the palm of your hands. Do you think you can handle it?
  • Guaranteed Muscle Ripping Workout: With up to 220 lbs. of resistance, DynaMax workouts will exceed your wildest expectations!
  • A Decade In Research & Development: engineered the gyro-mechanics of the first DynaMax Core Trainer. Help from german engineering gave it bionic strength in the split core version.
  • Gyroscopic Fitness Technology: began with gyroscopic wrist exercisers and evolved into whole body gyroscopic fitness with the advent of DynaMax Core Trainer and finally this Split-core model!
  • Intense Upper Body, Fat Burning, Core Training Workout: this unit can deliver such in just minutes a day!
  • Intensity Delivered By A High-speed (up to a muscle-burning 9000rpm), 2-axis Gyroscopic Rotor: this lightweight exercise novelty produces up to 220 lbs. of dynamic resistance as the gyroscope is powered by you.
  • Now Even Easier To Start: a quick straight-pull of the instant starter cord... and you're in engaged in an awesome workout!
  • Exercise Wall Chart Included
  • LIFETIME MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY: Back Be Nimble is an Authorized DFX Dealer qualifying your purchase from us for a lifetime DFX warranty.
DynaMax Steel Split Gyro Core Trainer
Quantity: $549.95 each
List Price: $599.99
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Product Notes:
  1. dynamax-core - Dynamax Split-Core Steel Gyro Trainer - NEW
    includes Gift Cert by email

    OUT OF STOCK: the DynaMax Split-core Trainer is currently being re-designed with German engineered technology to be more durable and maintenance free. In the meantime there are not any split-core gyro units available. The newly designed product may be available by Spring of 2022.

    LIFETIME MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY: Back Be Nimble is an Authorized DFX Dealer qualifying your purchase from us for a lifetime DFX warranty. The limited manufacturer's warranty covers all parts and service from any problem not related to misuse or dropping of the unit. Customer tampering or dismantling of the unit voids the warranty. Customer will be responsible for shipping costs to and from the manufacturer. Returns under the warranty must pre-authorized by emailing sales@backbenimble.com

    IMPORTANT TIPS FOR USING DYNAMAX SPLIT CORE TRAINER: Please note that this is a very unique and valuable exercise device, producing a workout that cannot be compared to anything else. That being said, it has a learning curve and may require a bit of practice. Many first time users will think the unit is broken upon arrival because they cannot keep the gyro going. Please do not get concerned. Perseverance and patience are key to mastering the use of Dynamax. Pull the cord swiftly for a fast start, but then rotate the unit slowly until it picks up speed. As the gyro spins faster, then the user may increase their speed of movement. Study the demo video on the www.BackBeNimble.com website and try to mimic the movement of the trainer. Please practice over a soft, forgiving surface, because dropping the unit can easily cause internal damage and sometimes the great force exerted by the unit may cause it to get away from you. Also, keep the unit free from dust and dirt than may enter the gyro mechanism and cause failure.

    OTHER NOTES: please note that the manufacturer only made one retail box for all versions of the Dynamax, including older models with a plastic gyro. You will know you have the correct one, by noting the steel gyro.

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