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Fomentek Hot Water Bottles or Bags

Fomentek Hot Water Bottles belong in every home, massage, and therapy office.
Fomentek Large Full Torso Hot Water Bottle For Moist Heat
The Fomentek Hot Water Bottle/Bag is a new professional version of an old time, but extremely beneficial thermal therapy. The comfort and usefulness of this products is the best we could find. Designed to apply comfortable, soothing, yet penetrating heat, this therapy is easily and conveniently applied to virtually any part of the body. Fomentek bags are also excellent as a cold pack application.
Fomentek is great treatment for sprains Moreover, the Fomentek Bag alleviates the symptoms of a variety of ailments and is effective (depending on the treatment) in warm or cold use. Since the time of Hippocrates (460 - 375 B.C.), our father of medicine; heat therapy, aka: "fomentation" has been used. The modern Fomentek hot water bag offers a simple, safe and effective means of providing deep, moist heat therapy.

The Fomentek water bags are filled with warm water directly from the kitchen sink or lavatory faucet to a temperature of 110° to 113° F. The Fomentek bag stays therapeutically warm for up to 2 hours.
Fomentek is easy to fill and use
Athletes and dancers depend on the Fomentek ice pack for immediate treatment of the acute inflammatory stages following soft tissue injury. Fomentek bags are made of a double layer of a space age plastic which is soft and pliable, yet strong enough to support the weight of over 400 pounds. Massage oils, cleaners and solvents will not harm your Fomentek bag.
Typical Uses for Fomentek Bags
  • Back Pain
  • Arthritis Pain
  • Headaches
  • Muscle Sprains & Strains
  • Joint Stiffness & Pain
  • Cervical Strains
  • Menstrual Cramps
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Sickle-Cell Pain Crisis Management
  • Earache Pain
  • Bruises & Swelling
  • TMJ
For treatment of sunburn pain, fever and heat stress - just fill Fomentek as a cold water bag by adding cold water from the tap and placing in the refrigerator until nice and cold. Although not necessarily recommended by the manufacturer, some customers like to use the Fomentek as a true ice pack. Best protocol to do so is to fill the bag with a 20% alcohol - 80% water mixture and store in the freezer. The alcohol in the solution serves as antifreeze, so the ice pack stays pliable and conforms to bodily curves. Experience the same benefits as a paraffin treatment without the mess! Just slide your hands or feet into the end of the Fomentek bag and a pocket forms. The strong thin Fomentek material conforms to the smallest contour. This treatment is as effective as hot paraffin, providing penetrating heat without the mess. Fomentek Hot Water Bottles may be used with essential oils. Click here for: Therapeutic Suggestions For Using Fomentek Water Bags/Bottles in Clinical Practice

Individual Large full-Torso Bag 24"x18"
Quantity: $17.50 each
Fomentek Case of 12 Large Bags
Quantity: $192.00 per case
Fomentek Case of 24 Large Bags
Quantity: $360.00 per case
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Fomentek Case of 36 Large Bags
Quantity: $485.00 per case
Back Be Nimble BBB Business Review
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A Few Words From Fomentek Users:
"Some simple, easy to use, and so effective. . . a tremendous aid to treating people in the home." -- Agatha Thrash, M.D. Author of Home Remedies
"I sleep on the bag for amazing relief." -- Elizabeth Large, San Marcos, TX
"My clients absolutely love the relief and relaxation they receive from the Fomentek water bags. By the time I get to their lower back during massage they don't have pain, need I say more!" -- Lynda Schindler, Massage Therapist, Houston, TX
"I plan to give one to my son, Patrick. He'll get a lot of use from your terrific product!" -- Patsy Swayze, Choreographer, Simi Valley, CA
"Nothing works like this bag for menstrual cramps!" -- Carol Densmore, Tampa, FL
"What a powerful healing agent!" -- Dr. Louis Leonardi, Smyrna, GA
"My clients continue to comment on the comfort of the Fomentek Bags and my children are discovering them too." -- Kimberly Kirk, Garrettsville, OH
"I recently discovered your giant hot water bottles and I am in love! My back has never felt better and I truly believe it is the miracle I've been waiting for these last 20 years." -- Denise Poole, Fairfield, IA
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