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Best Home Use Gravity Inversion Table - B1

Model B1 Master Home Gravity Inversion Table

Back-A-Traction Inversion
Full-size Home Model B1
Quantity: $999.00 each
Add Neck Support Pillow - SP1  $46.95
Add Knee Bend Support-K3  $129.00

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Best & Economical Gravity Inversion Traction For Home Use
Swedish design and medically approved for safe, effective use, the MINI and B1 are Mastercare's consumer priced models, offering therapeutic, face-up (supine) gravity based therapy for home recovery and core back strength.

Feature Overview for Home Use Models For Face-up Gravity Inversion

These home use inversion units incorporate the patented sliding backrest feature, engineered for Mastercare's full-featured clinical models. The moving BackRest amplifies both safety and therapeutic effectiveness by magnifying the traction force applied, without having to put the user in full inversion.

Model M1 is Mastercare's Most Compact and Economical Inversion Unit for Home Use
Model B1 is Mastercare's Full-size Home Use Inversion Unit
Back-A-Traction Gravity Inversion Tables for use at home or office



Best Gravity Inversion Tables For Home Use: offering the safest and most scientifically validated inversion therapy table available.

4 Locking Table Positions: 1) upright, 2) horizontal, 3) 15 deg. inversion (most utilized position), 4) 30 deg. maximum inversion.

Adjustable and Comfortable For Wide Range of Users: from 4ft.4in. to 7ft tall and weighing up to 330 lbs. for full-size model B1 and from 4ft.4in. to 6ft.9in. tall weighing up to 220 lbs. for model M1 MINI compact version.

Mastercare Patented Sliding BackRest: presence of Mastercare's inversion sliding backrest offers the maximum traction force possible, eliminating the negative aspects of full inversion tables or gravity boots, exemplifying Mastercare models as the gold standard for inversion therapy.

Swedish Engineered For Maximum Safety and Therapeutic Value: allows for traction and core stabilization exercises during a safe inversion session at home or office.

Options For an Upcharge:
1) SP1- Neck Support Pillow - comfy, strap-on pillow that can be used as a neck and or low back support during therapy.
2) K3 - Adjustable Knee Bending Support - relaxes hip flexors & reduces stress on lumbar spine.

Product Notes:
  1. K3 - Adjustable Knee Bending Support K3

    NOTES/PRECAUTIONS FOR KNEE BENDING SUPPORT(K3): Although the bending of the knees during traction afforded by this option is often beneficial for the lower back during supine (face-up) inversion, it should be used with caution with those folks known to have varicose veins, personal or family history of phlebitis, venous insufficiency, or known tendency for stroke. Please consult your physician about the use of this device which may exert considerable force in the popliteal fossa behind the knee.

  2. B1 - Back-A-Traction Gravity Inversion Home Model B1

    LEAD TIME: The Mastercare Model B1 Gravity Inversion Table is in stock and ships within 3 days of being ordered.

    RETURNS: Mastercare Inversion unit are not returnable under our 30 day return policy unless defective or damaged during shipment.

    WARRANTY: 90 day on all repairs and replacement relative to defective parts or workmanship. 2 years on all defective parts. For original purchaser only and begins from date of purchase.

    SAFETY CONCERNS, BEST PRACTICES AND ADVICE FOR INVERSION: 1) safety lock buttons can sometimes be difficult to unlock. When this happens in either the horizontal or inverted position it is almost always because the unit is not properly balanced/adjusted to fit the user. To prevent such difficulty, it is important to adjust the height of unit to match the users height and weight distribution. recommends that you practice the movement from upright to horizontal and vice versa to measure the amount of difficulty in moving those two positions. It should be easy to come back upright from horizontal. If it is not, then you have the foot locking piece positioned too close to the body support platform. Make sure that you adjust such for best fit, prior to going inverted. Ideally, when horizontal you should almost be in perfect balance; like a teeter totter such that you could go either direction with very little effort. These are important precautions for safe use of Mastercare inversion tables.
    2) Mastercare's Sliding Backrest makes their inversion units much safer than other brands because the magnified traction force eliminates the need for full inversion. However, inversion therapy should not be attempted without prior approval from a physician due this partial list of complications: A)-increased pressure for glaucoma sufferers, B)-concerning for those prone to aneurysm or stroke, C)-concerning for those with uncontrolled hypertension D) - not recommended for those with recent concussion or head injuries, E) - not recommended to use during episodes of vascular headaches or severe sinus congestion.

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