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Hypo-allergenic Original Talalay Latex Mattresses

Ultimate Latex Mattress and Power Adjustable Bed
Hypo-allergenic, Durable & Supportive Talalay Latex Foam

Talalay Latex Mattress - Hypo-allergenic on Adjustable Beds
Why a Talalay Latex Mattress?

Latex is a natural milky white liquid from the rubber plant. Using the Talatech (aka: Talalay) Process, the liquid is purified, whipped into foam, electronically weighed, and dispensed into a mold by a robot. Aluminum core pins pierce the foam. As a result, thousands of "pin-core" cooling air-channels enable natural ventilation of the final latex mattress core. All of our mattresses are formed by the Talalay process with foam cores from Latex International (aka: Talalay Global). The final finished mattresses have foam that has been washed until pristine and then crafted and upholstered by Electropedic, the leader in Latex Mattresses and Power Adjustable Bed Bases. No other brand of latex mattress with a "single-density latex core" is comparable.

FOR OUR NEW PURE & NATURAL TALALAY LATEX MATTRESSES by Nimble-PedicTM VISIT: Natural Talalay Latex Mattresses & Beds

Electropedic Adjustable Base Option For a Latex Mattress

Latex Adjustable Beds
Electropedic Dual King Latex Adjustable Bed Electropedic Bed WH2 wireless remote Electropedic WH2 Power Adjustable Base

FOR OUR NEW PURE & NATURAL TALALAY LATEX MATTRESSES by Nimble-PedicTM VISIT: Natural Talalay Latex Mattresses & Beds
Latex Mattresses + Optional Foundations or Powered Adjustable Beds

FREE SHIPPING on Latex Mattresses & Bed Sets
Size & Price
Qty. Foundations or Power Adjustable Bed Bases Firmness
Regular Premium Power Adjust NONE Soft Reg. Extra Firm Ultra Firm
38 x 74"
$ 297.50 $ 385.00 $ 1400.00 $ 35.00
Twin Long
38 x 80"
$ 297.50 $ 385.00 $ 1400.00 $ 35.00
53 x 74"
$ 350.00 $ 437.50 $ 1471.00 $ 52.50
Full Long
53 x 80"
$ 350.00 $ 437.50 $ 1466.00 $ 52.50
60 x 80"
$ 402.50 $ 525.00 $ 1672.00 $ 52.50
76 x 80"
$ 525.00 $ 700.00 $ 2800.00 $ 70.00
CA King
72 x 84"
n/a n/a $ 2800.00 $ 70.00
Dual King (consists of 2-38" x 80" side by side)
For this dual king adjustable bed arrangement, order a quantity of "2" Twin Long size beds with the Power Adjust option. If you want each mattress to be a different firmness, then add only one bed at at time to the shopping cart, selecting a different firmness each time.
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FOR OUR NEW PURE & NATURAL TALALAY LATEX MATTRESSES by Nimble-PedicTM VISIT: Natural Talalay Latex Mattresses & Beds

Original Talalay Latex Mattresses

ORIGINAL IS OFTEN THE BEST and that is certainly true with our Latex Mattresses seven inch thick original latex mattresses. The Talalay Global Process (formerly of Latex International) has been a favorite choice among discerning customers for 21 years. The Talalay process assures the following proven benefits:
  • BREATHABILITY: a pristine process and pin-core air/heat transfer channels keeps our mattresses cool and seven times more breathable than competitors foams.
  • HYPO-ALLERGENIC LATEX-PEDIC CELL COMPOSITION: a proprietary mixture of natural and synthetic latex used in the original Talalay process creates a plush, consistent-density foam with the least allergenic characteristics of any other latex product. The synthetic latex component, mixed in a perfect blend with a 100% natural latex makes our finished product more hypo-allergenic than competitive latex manufacturing.
  • SUPPORT & PRESSURE RELIEF FOR HEALTHY BACKS: is unsurpassed, with orthopedic support and therapeutic comfort for bad backs.This is achieved by properly supporting spinal alignment while relieving pressure points. The consistent density, latex core conforms to body contours and feel amazing as soon as you lie down!
  • DUST-MITE & MILDEW FREE: so no dust or fluff will disturb your breathing. Talalay latex is virtually dust-mite free and naturally bacteriocidal.
Pin-core Latex MattressSleep well in a state of relaxed comfort, while cuddled by millions of pillow-like latex molecules. You spend 1/3 of your life in bed -- make it luxurious.

Latex Mattress Firmness (ILD): in Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm. Our latex mattresses are completely reversible and have a 20 year warranty (2 years non-prorated, 18 years prorated).

Mattress Construction

Our Latex Mattresses are constructed of the finest materials as follows:
  • 6" Pure 100% Pin-Core Latex Core Layer
  • Channel quilting surrounding the mattress (with handles on both sides).
  • Upholstered with plush, soft and durable natural bamboo fabric in a soft, off white color.
  • Within the channel-quilted portion is a thin layer of super-soft foam compressed with polyester fiberfill. This improves air flow, provides for cooler summer nights; while offering better insulation in winter time. This plush quilting adds another 1" of thickness with a final finished mattress that is 7" thick.

Box Foundation Construction ( for flat, non-power bases)

Our foundations are composed of fine quality plywood frame construction with ideal support being achieved with a combination of underlying coils springs topped with a layer of either 1/2" or 4" plush, resilient, polyurethane foam (Note: 1/2" - firmer feel; 4" = cloud-like plush comfort). They are then quilted with material that perfectly compliments our mattresses.

Power Adjustable Bed Bases

Do I want an Adjustable Power Base with my Latex Mattress? Electropedic Adjustable Bed Bases

7" Thick Mattress Firmness (ILD) - 6" core layer +1/2" quilting layer each side

  • Soft - 24 ILD Recommended for those who enjoy a softer feel and weigh less than 150 lbs..
  • Regular firm - 32 ILD Recommended for those who like a good firm feel, but not extra firm. Usually recommended for those who weigh less that 150 pounds.
  • Extra firm - 36 ILD Recommended for those who like extra firm support.
  • Ultra firm* - 40 ILD Recommended only for those who insist that they enjoy sleeping on the floor.

Best Latex Mattress Note: Our most popular selling firmness is regular firm regardless of a person's weight.

*Ultra firm has an extra cost of $28 for Twin and Full sizes, $42 for Queen & $56 for King size.

More Benefits of Talalay Latex Foam Technology
You Should Know About!

Latex Mattress State-of-the-art advances in foam core manufacturing have enabled us to offer the ultimate in latex foam mattress.

Our Talalay process protocol continuously monitors manufacturing conditions for compliance with rigorous standards - electronic meters on the drying unit, for example, ensure uniform drying conditions for consistent density throughout the foam core.

Computerized analysis is used for testing compression rating; a flex-tester guards against irregularities in the cured latex; an impact tester assures the durability and integrity of each finished core.

These new manufacturing techniques were pioneered by Latex International (now known as Talalay Global), our exclusive supplier of premium quality latex foam. Rest-assured that your buying the finest latex foam mattress available anywhere in the world.

Award for Best Internet Mattress Retailer Warranty: 20 year Limited Warranty / First 2 years are non prorated.

Quality Control: Manufacturing processes and conditions are carefully monitored through visual, as well as automated inspection tests during the entire cycle. Samples from each lot then undergo complete testing for flexibility and durability. For example, to measure the warranted durability, an impact tester (picture above) subjects each sample to more than 15,000 impacts during a 24-hour test period.

Best Mattress Retailer Award: In 2012 thru 2021; Back Be Nimble was voted 1st Place for being the number one quality online mattress retailer.

Product Notes:
  1. 62000 - Latex Mattress / Bed

    ORDERS PROCESSING/DELIVERY TIMES: Excepting holidays, orders are processed within 12-36 hours of ordering. Beds generally ship within 2-3 business days from time of order placement. Transit/delivery times are generally 2-9 days and deliveries are curbside by default. Special arrangement at order time can be made for an inside delivery by simply asking during checkout (just make such a request in the available comment section at checkout). Drivers are instructed to call for an appointment window.

    ORDER CANCELLATIONS: Although we absorb the initial outgoing freight costs, these beds are quite costly to ship. However, once we notify our freight company to pick up the bed for delivery, they charge us if we cancel the shipment. Therefore, any orders cancelled later than 48 hours (24 hours for mattress only orders) after purchase, will fall under our return policy protocol and incur a restocking fee as seen below.

    20-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: covers entire power bed base, motors, electronics and massage system. The first 5 years is non-prorated and years 6-20 are prorated proportionally. Mattresses also have a limited 20 year warranty, but please refer to this link for more details: Detailed Warranty Info

    RETURNS FOR MATTRESS ONLY ORDERS: Due to federal regulations regarding hygiene as related to mattress resales, all returned mattresses must be within 30 days and are are subject to a re-upholstering fee of $300 (queen or larger) or $200 (full and twin size). This fee covers domestic orders and does not include applicable return freight. Customers will be responsible for return freight charges as well (range from $125 to $175 depending on mattress size and your location).

    RETURNS FOR BEDS WITH POWER BASES: Electropedic Adjustable Beds are not easily returnable items and may only be returned within 30 days of receipt with applicable restocking fees.

    RE-STOCKING FEES FOR POWER BEDS: Beds must be returned in (new), resalable condition in order to qualify for re-stocking. Re-stocking fees are calculated as follows:

    (a) Mattress re-upholstering fees - returned mattresses must be recovered in accordance with federal health regulations prior to be offered for resale. The cost for this would be $150.00 for one-piece beds and $300.00 for dual beds.
    (b) Outbound and Return Freight - beds are all shipped directly from our manufacturer by common carrier (trucking). Although you were not charged an outbound freight charge when you purchased the bed, if you should return it, Back Be Nimble does charge for freight both ways. Total Freight (outbound + return) will range from $300.00 to $700.00, depending on your location and number of beds ordered.
    (c) it is important to keep all of your plastic covering and boxing for your beds for the first 30 days just in case you decide to return your beds. You could be responsible for repacking your bed for return shipment in same or suitable, double walled carton. If you did not keep the carton(s), additional charges may apply to re-supply such for you.
    (d) Therefore, total return cost for a power adjustable bed will be subtracted from your refund and will range from $450 to $1000 depending on size, number of beds,freight costs and whether you had inside or curbside delivery.

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