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Nimble-Pedic Pure and Natural Latex Mattress

Nimble-Pedic Dual King Latex Mattress and Adjustable base
Nimblepedic Split King Latex Mattress with Wall-hugging adjustable base
Best Split King Natural Latex Adjustable Beds by Nimble-Pedic
Queen Adjustable Natural Latex Mattress and Bed
Dual King wall-hugging power-adjustable base voice command
Best Queen Adjustable Bed Base for foam mattress
Best Twin XL wall hugger Adjustable Bed Base
great static bed base foundation for foam mattress

Nimble-PedicTM introduces The Pure and Natural Latex Foam MattressTM, made from the finest natural latex rubber ingredients and utilizing the exclusive Talalay pin-core process. The result is a hypo-allergenic, plush, supportive and super comfy mattress that provides pressure point relief and a neutral sleep temperature. Our proprietary construction offers two different firmness choices in one mattress. Just flip the mattress to change firmness level.

Nimble-PedicTMImproves sleep quality, removes pressure points, and provides adaptable support that floats your spine into perfect alignment.

Nimble-PedicTM Latex Mattresses are highly durable and offer the ultimate sleep environment when paired with our powered adjustable bases, or a simple static base (foundation). Alternatively, our mattress works well on any adjustable bed or solid foundation Learn More

Nimble-Pedic Natural Latex Layers schematic; ILD and lbs. density of layers


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Nimble-PedicTM Pure and Natural Latex Mattress
Along with your mattress, you may select an optional Nimble-Pedic base below and available in two styles:
  • Wall-hugging Power Adjustable Bases with soothing massage, LED ambient underlighting & wireless remote or voice command via your own smart device: See Bed and Control Functions
  • Premium Static Slatted Foundations

  • (NOTE: bases are available for both single and split bed configurations - aka: dual adjustable beds).
To Order a Nimble-Pedic Base alone for your existing mattress, click here
-Select mattress below to see optional, matching bases-

No Base Selected
   Optional Bases for Twin Long Mattress   
Twin Long Adjustable Base ... $999.00
Twin Long Static Slatted Base ... $350.00


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Product Notes:
  1. NP-NL - Nimble-Pedic Pure and Natural Latex Mattress

    WARRANTY: 10-year Limited Manufacturer Warranty on Nimble-Pedic Latex Mattresses, Adjustable Beds and Static, Slatted Foundations.

    RETURN POLICY: Our Natural Latex Mattresses have been selected as the best latex foam mattresses available and are manufactured using only the highest quality standards of the Talalay process. They are however, not available for return under are normal return policy unless found to be defective upon delivery or subject to other unusual circumstances. If either of those situations are appropriate, please contact customer service to discuss return protocol.

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