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TENS Dual Channel Unit - Medical Pain Control

 Best Medical Quality T.E.N.S. UNIT (dual channel tens unit)

TENS Dual Channel Units - a transcutaneous electro-nerve stimulator (T.E.N.S.); pain control that goes where you do. It is a small medical device slightly larger than a beeper, attaches to your pants or belt and helps alleviate pain while you wear it.

This is the best-valued, durable, medical quality, full-featured TENS Unit we have seen on the market. It is dual channeled, multi-modal and fully adjustable.

These are the good medical quality analog units that really work. The digital versions available today have pretty neat electronics, but usually don't compare in actual therapeutic value to this unit.

These therapeutic T.E.N.S. units are often recommended by doctors for home use by their patients. They operate on a 9v. transistor battery and have small lead wires with pads that adhere to a painful area and alleviate pain. Tiny free nerve endings secrete a chemical called "substance P" that transmits pain signals to our brain. T.E.N.S. units artificially stimulate free nerve endings, thereby depleting them of substance P, literally stopping the pain signal in its tracks. Dual Channel Medical TENS UNIT
*Note: Results and reactions vary with individual users.  TENS Unit Safety Precautions

T.E.N.S. Dual Channel Unit
Dual channel - 4 lead T.E.N.S.
4 multi-use pads and battery included
Quantity: $49.95 each
List Price: $99.95
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Answers to Typical Shopping Questions
  • Dual channel with independent amplitude(strength) controls. (Each channel connects to a lead wire that splits for 2 pad attachment.)
  • Pulse rate control(2-120 pps)
  • Pulse width control(40-240uS)
  • Pulse amplitude control(0-80v)each channel with 500 ohm
  • Wave Form: Rectangular with constant, alternating, bi-phasic current
  • 3 Modes: Burst, Modulated, Continuous
  • Timer: 30min-60min-Continuous
  • One-year Warranty
  • High Quality hard plastic travel/carry case

TENS Unit Accessories:
DERMASTIM - Set of 4 replacement pads
(a considerable upgrade over the pads that are packaged with the unit)
  • Size - 2" x 2" oval with pigtail
  • Type - highest quality foam-backed pad on the market
  • Re-use - 12 to 15 times
Tens unit pads and supplies Note - To extend the life of any re-usable pad, always wipe or swab the area with alcohol prior to use. Subsequently, seal the pads in a ziplock and refrigerate them between uses.

Carbon Rubber Pads also available - set of 4 - Normally sold for much more. These are permanent use pads that need to be held on with an ACE bandage or porous Johnson & Johnson tape. The pads are round and 3 inches in diameter
T.E.N.S. Pads
Dermastim 2" x 2" Gel Electrodes
Set of 4 with pigtails
Quantity: $12.95 each

Carbon Rubber Pads
(set of 4 -- 3in. round)
Set of 4
Quantity: $32.00 each

Product Notes:
  1. 10240 - TENS Unit


    Back Be Nimble suggests that this unit be used only under the continuing supervision of a physician. Electrical stimulation devices are contraindicated in persons using a CARDIAC PACEMAKER, in pregnancy, malignancy, and various conditions where circulation is impaired. It may not be used transcerebrally across the head, over the carotid sinus(where the jaw meets the neck), over metal implants or in conjunction with sleep apnea or heart monitors. You should be aware that TENS units provide symptomatic therapy only and are not considered curative. Back Be Nimble assumes no liability for medical problems resulting from use of these units. Please consult your physician about the use of a TENS unit for your condition.

    INSURANCE CODES TO FILE FOR MEDICAL TENS THERAPY FOR PAIN CONTROL: proper codes to use when filing your insurance for T.E.N.S are E0730 for the TENS unit itself and A4595 for extra electrode supplies.

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