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Novasonic Sonic Wave Massager Intrasound

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Novasonic Sonic Massager SK2 Professional NOVASONIC MASSAGERS UPGRADED TO - NOVAFON SK2 CLICK HERE TO BUY Sonic Massager for Sports Injuries
Instead of Novasonic, we are now offering the original Novafon SK2 Massager-CLICK HERE TO BUY a German engineered top of line, all metal professional version that produces mild percussion and (audible sound waves).


Frequency Range: Novasonic produces audible intrasonic waves which are between 16 Hz and 20,000 Hz. Its mixed-frequency sound waves penetrate up to 2 1/3 inches into the body tissue, increasing circulation in a very pleasant and comfortable way. Not only after a workout or visit to the gym, it can speed the dissipation of aches and pains without the use of drugs. Intensity and vibration can be adjusted as needed. The optional percussion feature, now included in both models, increases depth of penetration. This percussion feature produces an additional intrasonic wave in the 100hz to 10,000hz range that is applied on top of the other sonic wave. Overall, intrasound helps by reviving and supporting the self-healing power of the body though gentle, improvement of tissue nutrition at a cellular level. The lower range frequency settings simulate the earth's own healing vibrational frequencies.

Healing Physiology: utilizing intra sound wave technology and an optional mild percussion mode, the amazing NOVASONIC MASSAGER manipulates the tissues by exerting cell vibration and wavelike movement of fluid. This forms alternating compression and rarefaction zones. The waves emanating from the treatment elements (plate or ball) are synonymous with the natural vibration frequency of normal cell membranes.
The NOVASONIC comes with a flat sonic plate head for general use and is interchangeable with a sonic ball head (also included). Whenever you are treating a smooth part of the body that is easy to stroke, use the sonic plate. It should always rest flat on the skin. Use the sonic ball to reach poorly accessible parts of the body, such as between the fingers, toes and ribs, in the arm pit or behind the ear.


The instrument should not be used by patients with skin diseases or weeping eczema. It is also contraindicated over hot, reddened areas noted with severe inflammation of the joints or on body parts accompanied by fever/infection. Treatment in the area of thrombophlebitis is contra-indicated. Do not utilize over the abdomen during pregnancy. When chronic complaints are treated, it may be assumed that these will revert to acute states, so that the body's natural restorative powers can be activated. The result is an initial worsening of the complaints. Experts agree, however, that once the regenerative powers of the body are awakened, continuation of treatment will lead to success. Pain can sometimes be an alarm signal for more serious underlying disease. If results are not achieved within 7 days of use, medical attention should be sought.

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  1. nov01 - Novasonic Intrasonic Percussion Pro Massager -Chrome

    Novasonic Upgrade to Novafon SK2: CLICK TO VIEW AND BUY NOVAFON SK2

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