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Novafon Power Vibrational Healing Massager

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Novafon Power Massager Bi-modal Professional NOVAFON POWER PROFESSIONAL BI-MODAL MASSAGER Click massager(left photo) to zoom Sonic Massager for Sports Injuries
Alternatively, we also offer the original Novafon PRO SK2 Massager a German engineered top of line, all metal professional version that has withstood the test of time and has a built-in extension handle for hard to reach areas of self treatment.

Frequency Range: The Novafon Power (formerly: Novasonic) produces audible vibrational waves in a frequency range of either 100hz(setting I) or 50hz(setting II). The healing waves penetrate 2.36+ inches into the body tissue; increasing circulation in a very pleasant and comfortable way. After a workout or visit to the gym, this specific vibrational frequency can speed the dissipation of aches and pains without the use of drugs. Intensity of vibration can be adjusted as needed but that changes the vibrational amplitude (intensity), and DOES NOT change the wave frequency. The percussion feature (accompanies the 50hz frequency on switch setting II); and serves only to increase depth of penetration. This percussion/mild tapping occurs simultaneously with the 50hz frequency wave. In essence, this vibrational wave therapy helps by reviving and supporting the self-healing power of the body through greatly enhanced movement of fluid in and out of the cells; thus improving tissue nutrition at a cellular level. The lower range frequency output known simulates the earth's own healing vibrational frequencies. When setting (II) is utilized, a percussion/mild tapping feature is applied on top of the 50hz frequency setting, enhancing depth of penetration.

Healing Physiology: utilizing healing vibrational wave technology and an optional mild percussion mode, the amazing NOVAFON POWER MASSAGER manipulates the tissues by exerting cell vibration and wavelike movement of fluid. This creates alternating compression and rarefaction zones. The waves emanating from the treatment elements (plate or ball) are synonymous with the natural vibration frequency of normal cell membranes and thus encourage return to the normal physiologic state known has homeostasis.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (LI-ESWT) for ED

Some authorities have suggested that the vibration frequency produced by the NOVAFON MASSAGERS may be a beneficial home treatment for those suffering from ED. We make no such claims other than to comment that many users are reporting noticeable changes in their condition.
The Novafon comes with a flat transmission plate head for general use and is interchangeable with an acu-point head (also included). Whenever you are treating a smooth part of the body that is easy to stroke, use the flat plate. It should always rest flat on the skin. Use the acupoint ball to reach poorly accessible parts of the body, such as between the fingers, toes and ribs, in the arm pit or behind the ear.

The instrument should not be used by patients with skin diseases or weeping eczema. It is also contraindicated over hot, red and inflammed skin or joints that may indicate body parts that are infected or feverish. Treatment over the area of thrombophlebitis is contra-indicated. Do not utilize over the abdomen during pregnancy. When chronic complaints are treated, such conditions may temporarily revert to an acute episode, such that the body's natural restorative powers can be activated. The result is an initial worsening of the complaints. Experts agree, however, that once the regenerative powers of the body are awakened, continuation of treatment will lead to success. Pain can sometimes be an alarm signal for more serious underlying disease. If results are not achieved within 7 days discontinue use and solicit the advise of your health care practitioner.


  • Chrome Novafon Power Vibrational Wave Massager Large View
  • Deep therapeutic massage
  • All features of original Novafon Pro SK2 except - NO EXTENSION HANDLE
  • Bi-modal switch with optional percussion therapy
  • Safe healing vibration (not ultrasound)
  • Both flat and acu-point ball heads included
  • Novafon high-grade precision electronics
  • WARRANTY: protected by manufacturer's 2-year warranty
BackBeNimble Shopping Cart Order FormNovafon Power Vibration Wave Massager
previously 'The Novasonic'

Full-featured/Bi-modal (with percussion)

Quantity: $259.99 each
List Price: $299.99
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Product Notes:
  1. novafon-pow - Novafon Power - Bi-modal Chrome Massager - aka- Novasonic

    GIFT CERTIFICATE GUIDELINES: any gift certificates offered in association with this purchase will be emailed directly to the email address provided with your order within one week of purchase. Such certificates may not be applied as a credit toward this particular purchase, but shall be valid for credit toward any purchase within the next year. You may use the gift certificate at any time within that year period, but please note should you choose to exercise a return under the guidelines of our return policy shown below, and, you have already spent your gift certificate, then the gift certificate amount would be deducted from any refund related to returning the Novafon Massager.

    WARRANTY: manufacturer offers a 2 YEAR WARRANTY for all defects under normal use.

    RETURNS: 7-day Return Policy (with restrictions): this is a medically therapeutic device and because physicians tout and will often recommend a short-term trial of intrasound therapy as beneficial, the Novasonic is non-returnable after use on the body. If upon receipt, the unit does not appear to meet your expectation of quality or other parameters, you may initiate a return as long the return request is implemented within 7 days of having received the package. All returns must be pre-authorized by notifying Back Be Nimble customer service via email to Customer will be responsible for returning the unit in new, resalable condition to the factory address to be provided in response to your email inquiry. If the unit was sent to you under our free shipping protocol, a restocking fee of $16.50 will be deducted from your product refund to cover the cost of our outbound freight. You will be responsible for choosing your return method; as well as the cost of such return. The Novasonic, is however covered under a 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty for defects under normal and appropriate use.

    Novafon Power Massager is NOT A FEEL GOOD MASSAGER. This massager produces deep, clinically significant healing, vibrational waves, functioning to increase nutrients and healing of tissue at a cellular level. Although the therapy is often accompanied by a pleasant sensation, those expecting the soothing-like feeling of massage, may be disappointed.

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