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Deluxe Dual Posture Pump 1400-D - Neck Disc Hydrator

Deluxe Dual Disc Hydrating Posture Pump for the Neck
Model 1400-D - NOT AVAILABLE - click NOTES above
This product has been discontinued
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Posture Pump Dual Disc Hydrator Model 1400 D, our best neck model, uses repetitive passive motion for restoring or normalizing the natural curve of the neck. While lying comfortably for a therapeutic session, dual inflatable bolsters treat the whole cervical spine; stretching and molding soft tissues between the spinal segments in an effort to re-establish the normal lordotic neck curve.

Dual Disc Posture Pump for the Neck 1400-D
Dual Neck Disc Hydrator 1400D
Neck X-rays of Before and After Result with Posture Pump
Do you have widows hump, AGS or Poor Posture?



Use the Neck Posture Pump Dual Disc Hydrator As a Posture Correcting Modality: simply lie down & relax on leatherette cushioned pads for a therapeutic neck posture correction session.

Decompress & Hydrate discs of the neck.

Reduce A Disc Herniation Or Bulge: establishing a normal spinal curve (lordosis) reduces undo pressure that worsens herniation.

Relieve Suffering of Posture and Stress Related Neck and Back Pain using innovative, patented technology normalizes poor posture by re-educating abnormal spinal curvatures--AKA reverse a kyphosis.

1400-D Use Instruction PDF: Download Use Instructions

Product Notes:
  1. 1400-D - Posture Pump - Deluxe Dual Disc Hydrator - Model 1400-D for Neck

    NON-AVAILABLITY: the Dual Disc Hydrator Model 1400-D Posture Pump is not currently in production and is not available until further notice. The manufacturer has halted production to survey the market and make updates in marketing materials for production at a future date. We currently offer the full spine model 4100 if you need a full service model right away, Order Model 4100. Alternatively, you may add yourself to our model 1400-D notification list here: Email Us. No message need be included.

    BRAND NEW/LATEST MODEL: This is the brand new deluxe Neck Dual Disc Hydrator Posture Pump 1400-D.

    CAUTIONS FOR USING POSTURE PUMP POSTURE CORRECTION FOR SPINAL CURVE RESTORATION: We highly suggest you acquire a physician recommendation and specific instructions for proper application regarding your particular diagnosis as a prerequisite to using Posture Pump. This therapy is usually not done more than once per day. When Posture Pump Therapy is begun the user may end the session feeling a little sore or awkward with benefits often not felt until later that day or perhaps the following day.

    RETURN POLICY: this is a therapeutic device and because short-term posture corrective therapy can be very beneficial, the Posture Pump is non-returnable under our 30 day return policy.

    INSURANCE CODES(HCPCS): when filing with your insurance for reimbursement of your purchase of the Dual Disc Hydrator Neck Model 1400-D Posture Pump, utilize the following HCPCS code/description: 'E0856' - Cervical traction device, with inflatable air bladder(s) [investigational]. Please note that we do not file insurance claims, but recommend that you utilize your doctor's prescription and order receipt to prepare your own claim for reimbursement.

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