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Saunders Cervical Home Neck Traction

Deluxe Saunders Neck Traction offers physio-therapeutic cervical traction for both home and clinical settings.
Saunders Cervical Hometrac
Saunders Cervical HomeTrac Deluxe Neck Traction
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Since 1982, more than 40,000 health care professionals have chosen the Saunders Cervical Traction units as the best in their class. The need for a comfortable, safe and easy to use alternative to over-the-door traction units led the conception and design of the Saunders Cervical Hometrac. Review the engineered design benefits of Hometrac:
  • Overcoming Muscular Resistance to Traction: there is inherent difficulty relaxing while traction is being applied. Research has shown that much of this muscle resistance is reduced with supine or reclined traction. This unit was engineered to maximize relaxation and increase the effectiveness of traction therapy.
  • TMJ discomfort: The TMJ (jaw joints) are often compromised during traction with other methods of traction.
  • Patient Compliance: Hometrac users follow-thru better than those using over-the-door traction.
  • Brand New Deluxe Model Only: We do NOT offer older, used or re-furbished models.
  • Warranty: One-year Manufacturer's Warranty

The disc spaces
Before Traction and During Traction
applied by the HOMETRAC
Cervical Spine Before Traction
Cervical Spine During Traction
Saunders Hometrac for User Demo

  • Allows users to receive the benefits of traction in a relaxed position and customizable inclination angle from 15o to 25o at the push of a button
  • Directs traction forces toward the occiput (back of the head) thereby preventing compression of the TMJ by forces transmitted to the chin.
  • Provides a comfortable and cost-effective option to continuing clinical traction treatments.

  • New pump design incorporates an easy "click into place" mechanism for pumping, sustaining and releasing the traction - it's easy to use and eliminates air leaks
  • Friction-free track and specially designed air cylinder allow smooth application of traction and stretching to the upper back and neck
  • Most users can position themselves in the device without assistance due to "easy-on" forehead strap and adjustment knobs
  • Gauge is calibrated in pounds and kilograms to provide feedback to the user and to promote consistency in treatment
  • Safety feature: The unique pressure valve limits the maximum amount of force to 50 pounds, and traction force can be released easily and immediately by the patient if necessary
  • Neck wedges are adjustable in width and have a self-adjusting pivot feature that customizes fit and enhances comfort. They are easily removed for cleaning or replacement. The rotation of the neck wedges, combined with the width adjustment ensures that all neck sizes may have a perfect fit every time!
  • Deluxe black carry case is handsome and makes unit easily portable.
  • Vinyl head pad provides an easy to clean surface
  • Includes instructional video and user's guide written for easy home traction

Product Notes:
  1. 10302 - Saunders Cervical Hometrac Traction

    BRAND NEW/LATEST MODEL: all our Saunders units are brand new. Do NOT be fooled by others selling re-furbished units over the internet.

    PRODUCT AVAILABILITY: New, in stock and ready to ship. This product drop ships directly from our stocking wholesale distribution point. Please allow from 4-9 days for delivery.

    RETURN POLICY: this is a therapeutic device and because short-term cervical traction can be very beneficial, the Saunders Hometrac is non-returnable under our 30 day return policy.

    CAUTIONS: The Saunders Cervical Hometrac can apply up to 50 lbs. of force. We highly suggest your physician's recommendation and perhaps specific instructions for neck or cervical traction as a prerequisite to using Hometrac traction. As a general rule it is best to start with only about 12 lbs. of traction for the initial treatments and the adjust slowly upward for subsequent treatments. Traction can be be sustained or intermittent and the pump, combined with the pressure relief valve puts these options within the user's control. Overall treatment times should perhaps begin with about 10 minutes and should not exceed 20 minutes, unless advocated to the contrary by your physician. Traction is usually not done more than once per day, nor more than every other day. When traction therapy is begun the user may end the session feeling a little sore or awkward with benefits often not felt until later that day or perhaps the following day. Maximum traction pull is varied with user's condition, body weight, and girth of the neck. Most women or those with smaller necks will never exceed 30 lbs.

    INSURANCE CODES(HCPCS): when filing on your insurance for reimbursement of your purchase of the Saunders Cervical HomeTrac Traction, utilize the following:
    E0849 - Traction equipment, cervical, free-standing stand/frame, pneumatic, applying traction force to other than mandible. Please note that we do not file insurance claims, but recommend that you utilize your doctor's prescription and order receipt to prepare your own claim for reimbursement.

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