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Skwoosh® Lumbar Gel Cradle

  Skwoosh Gel Lumbar Cradle Cushion Dual Split Lumbar Pad with Thoraco-lumbar support Skwoosh Portable Gel Lumbar Support Cradle Cushion
Dr. Approved As Best Back Support Cushion For Low Back Pain

WHEN YOU WANT THE BEST...YOU WANT THE LUMBAR CRADLE. This highly portable, seated lumbar support cushion has a bilateral or dual gel pad lumbar, offering a completely innovative and therapeutic approach to relieving lower back pain or discomfort while sitting. The presence of the doctor-designed "gel comfort-cradle" consists of 2 side-by-side pressure relieving gel pads, offering unsurpassed comfort, relieving muscle spasm, and helping to prevent/reduce lumbar disc herniation (commonly known as a slipped disk).

Doctors prescribe and recommend the Skwoosh Lumbar Cradle as the best cushioned support for back pain WHEN & WHERE TO USE
  • Office Chairs
  • Car Seats and Airline Seats
  • Coffee Houses and Restaurants
  • Church Pews
  • Dining Room Chairs
  • Reclining and/or Lounge Chairs
  • Wheelchairs
  • Sporting events
  • Can be folded and utilized as a pressure pad for trigger-point therapy on any part of the back
  • Slim, comfortable design makes it a great lumbar support for sleeping or laying in bed
  • May place in area of thoracic spine or mid-back to relieve pain and fatigue in those areas.
  • Turning the support upside down will sometimes offer a better fitting support for some users especially with certain chair types
  • Lower back pain conditions; with or without sciatica
  • Low back fatigue while sitting or driving
  • Lumbago, low back discomfort, and lumbar muscle spasms
  • Slipped disks, lumbar disc herniations, prolapsed discs, degenerative discs
  • Lumbar Facet Syndromes and osteoarthritis of the lumbar spine
  • Office-related low back pain for the seated or sedentary working person
  • Best seated lumbar cushion for rehab of post-surgical pain, whether after discectomy, laminectomy, or lumbar fusion
  1. Competitive seated lumbar support cushions, props or pillows have a simple convex protrusion that applies pressure focused in the small of the back. Although better than going without, this is analogous to supporting your feet with common arch supports versus a customized, comprehensively supportive orthotic. The "Skwoosh Lumbar Cradle" functions more like an ergonomic orthotic for your lower back. The liquid gel in the split lumbar design instantly adapts to support your low back with customized comfort. The strategically placed gel pads provide medically therapeutic pressure, while simultaneously countering forces that increase symptoms and degeneration seen with common disc herniation.
  2. Skwoosh takes the therapy a step further by adding bilateral thoraco-lumbar pads, aesthetically concealed slightly above the lumbar gel pads. This extra support, not noticed in competitive products, offers a counter-balancing effect, and aids good posture of the entire spine. The improved stability, lessens fatigue throughout the neck, shoulders and mid-back. This 4-point support system revolutionizes the design of seated lumbar supports by literally providing foundational support for the posture of the spine above (this is very much like a level house foundation preventing stress on the structure and frame of the house). If your current lumbar pad just seems to be missing the boat, Skwoosh may have the answer. Amazingly, this answer comes in the form of an extremely, slim, lightweight, portable pad, that folds for easy placement in a purse or brief-case. Low back pain sufferers can now care for their back while they sit.
Skwoosh Lumbar Gel Cradle In Chair Schematic and Specs for Gel Lumbar Cradle
Skwoosh Lumbar Gel Cradle Overview THE PERFECT TRAVEL COMPANION
  • Therapy will travel with the Skwoosh Lumbar Gel Cradle
  • Extremely lightweight and slim profile
  • Folds for convenient carrying and portability
  • Tucks away easily in brief-case or modest size purse
  • Easy to tighten 30" cord holds support in place in various seating scenarios
  • Standard with cool, breathable AIR-FLO3D® mesh fabric, enhancing comfort and compliance.

Skwoosh Office Support Gel Cushion is often recommended by our ergonomic expert as the perfect compliment to the Lumbar Cradle for optimal support and seating comfort (pictured above in white chair).
  • Open Dimensions: 14"W x 12"H x 1.25"Thick
  • Folded Dimensions: 7"W x 12"H x 2.5"Thick
  • Separate easy-adjust 30" cord allows user to fixate the position with almost any seating situation
  • Color/Fabric : Black AirFlo Breathable Mesh
Skwoosh® Lumbar Gel Cradle
Quantity: $52.49 each
List Price: $79.95
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Answers to Typical Shopping Questions
Skwoosh TekPad®: More About the Patented Gel-filled Pods(pads) that Form the Cradle Skwoosh uses a special high-viscosity liquid gel that flows and begins contouring to the shape of the body, but is contained within a tightly sealed pod that prevents the gel from being completely displaced. Seemingly counter-intuitive, this technology offers appropriate, therapeutic pressure, while simultaneously reducing pressure points. The gel capsule has a high tensile strength and is subject to minimal expansion. This patented, gel-pod technology is known as the Skwoosh TekPad®. The Skwoosh Lumbar Gel Cradle resulted from a joint venture between Dr. Brad Lustick of Back Be Nimble and Skwoosh Therapeutics Division.

Product Notes:
  1. skwoosh_cradle - Skwoosh Gel Cradle Lumbar - Seated Support Cushion

    ALSO CONSIDER: Our experts suggest combining the Lumbar Cradle with our Skwoosh Therapy Gel Cushion for the premium ergonomic seating solution.

    MADE IN THE USA: Skwoosh Gel Cradle Lumbar Support Cushion is proudly made in USA. It comes standard with the breathable mesh AirFLO fabric.

    RETURN POLICY: backed by our 30-day customer satisfaction policy.

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Back Be Nimble BBB Business Review
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