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TheraGear Neck Support Pillow - Orthopedic Contour

No Longer Available - Replacement Coming Soon
TheraGear Pillow Laying on your side on a contoured neck support pillow by TheraGear
X-ray of cervical spine with support from TheraGear Swiss Neck Pillow


Design of TheraGear Swiss Neck Pillow is based on that of the original Sissel Orthopedic Pillow concepted in the University Hospital in Lund, Sweden. TheraGear actually took over Sissel Pillow distribution in the USA for awhile when Sissel abandoned their USA affiliation. The contoured support is intended to apply more lift under the cervical neck vertebrae, vs. under the head. While lying in the supine (face up) position, this disproportionate support between neck and head functions to improve and maintain the natural lordotic neck curve, causing deep relaxation of the cervical (neck) muscles. The TheraGear Pillow is a good choice for those who desire maximum support, especially while lying on the back. NOTE: our medical advisory team recommends the small side of the Theragear Pillow for sleepers who desire a very slight or gentle support. In addition to supporting the natural curvature of the neck, the TheraGear Support Pillow offers a slight concave indention of the foam at the base of the neck serving two purposes: 1) helps prevent the head from falling to the right or left when back sleeping; 2) fosters a nice snug fit of the shoulder against the pillow when side lying.

SIDE SLEEPING our medical expert recommends that side sleepers angle the pillow toward their chest, thereby having the support edge follow the jawline. This ensures the head and neck is well supported without undesirable pressure on the jaw or TMJ.
  • orthopedic support for both side and back sleepers
  • unparalleled luxurious comfort
  • high quality, durable polyurethane foam
  • white, zippered pillow cover included
  • all features of original Sissel Pillow & more
  • odor reduction and sweat dissipation
  • stress reducing properties
  • hypo-allergenic and dustmite resistant properties
  • bacteriostatic, mold-spore resistance
LARGE OR MEDIUM - Choosing Your Size
Large is 1" thicker than the medium and better for side sleepers with wide shoulders. Please note that the 4 and 5 inch thickness measurement pertains to the thickest part of the pillow that goes under your neck, rather than the portion where your head will rest. While side sleeping it is crucial for a pillow to occupy the space between the head and tip of the shoulder, so that your head does not tilt downhill relative to the base of your neck. Additionally, if your mattress is really firm and fails to accommodate or absorb the point of your shoulder, the large might be better. For those who exclusively sleep on their back, size is not as important, but those with breathing issues or a rounded upper back, might opt for the large size in order to elevate their head a bit more.
BackBeNimble Shopping Cart Order Form TheraGear Swiss Neck Pillows
(19"long x 12"wide)
Quantity: $49.95 each
          Medium Pillow (4″ thick at highest point)
Quantity: $49.95 each
          Large Pillow (5″ thick at highest point)
BackBeNimble Shopping Cart Order Form Deluxe White Pillow Covers
(washable 80/20 cotton-polyester)
Quantity: $12.95 each
          Medium Pillow Cover
Quantity: $12.95 each
          Large Pillow Cover
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Product Notes:
  1. tg-pillow - TheraGear Swiss Neck Pillow (replaces Sissel)

    RETURN POLICY: For health reasons, and due to Federal Government regulations, pillows are not returnable items. There is a very high satisfaction rate with this pillow and we are hopeful you might appreciate knowing that every pillow purchased is brand new and never been tried before.

    PROPER USE OF A CONTOURED NECK PILLOW: our medical expert recommends that in order to get the most benefit from your contoured cervical pillow that you always begin your night on your back for at least 10 minutes with the raised support under your neck and pillow tucked up tight against your shoulders. This facilitates improved spinal alignment and coinciding neck muscle relaxation; setting the stage for full body relaxation and a better sleep experience. When turning to your side, it is best to angle the pillow toward your chest, thereby having the support edge follow the jawline. This ensures the head and neck is well supported without undesirable pressure on the jaw or TMJ.

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