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Treat Your Own Neck Book

McKenzie's revolutionary concepts for treating neck and shoulder pain

The McKenzie Method for Relieving Neck Pain is expressed in this book by best-selling author and renowned physical therapist Robin McKenzie himself. The book will Help You Diagnose, Alleviate, Treat and Manage Neck Pain Quickly and Effectively

Treat Your Own Neck Book by Robin McKenzie offers neck pain sufferers proven advice for managing and treating a multitude of neck-related issues. The book delivers detailed descriptions, associated photos, and exercise advise for relieving acute or chronic neck pain. McKenzie emphasizes sensible lifestyle changes in a thoughtful and innovative way, while suggesting specific and helpful devices that enable those who follow his methods the ability to live and function as they would desire. Maintaining a strong, flexible, healthy neck is essential to a happy and fulfilling life without unnecessary limitations. The book is highly recommended by Back Be Nimble's Health Care Specialist!

Most people experience neck and shoulder pain that may radiate to the shoulder blade or if bad enough, extend into the arm and hand. Neck pain and associated tension is also a leading cause of headaches. If you have consulted a medical doctor, chiropractor or other health care professional; and experienced only little or temporary relief from pain in the neck and shoulder region, then this book may provide just the advice you need. It is common for even the most well-respected doctors to provide competent care in their office, yet fail to instruct their patients in the proper and necessary follow-up care to be done at home. Recommending postural improvement methods, lifestyle changes and rehabilitative/maintenence exercises to be done by a patient when they leave the office is often more important than the doctor's initial treatment. This book can be a great asset in that regard.

Treat Your Own Back offers easy to understand info on the bio-mechanics of neck function and injuries. It then follows with self-administered neck pain relief techniques, while discussing ergonomic concerns and suggesting ways to improve posture or alter lifestyle.

Learn More About:
  • Neck Pain Myths
  • Spinal Bio-mechanics and origins of neck pain
  • Neck pain prevention methods
  • Things that are special about the “McKenzie Method”
  • Best exercises to treat and prevent neck and shoulder pain
  • Adapting lifestyle habits
  • What you should do 1st when experiencing acute neck pain
  • How to relieve postural stress and best posture improvement methods
  • How posture affects your neck
  • How your work environment may affect your neck
  • Other common methods used to treat neck conditions
Written by Robin McKenzie.
Softcover; 80 pages.
Published On: 2023-10-02

Treat Your Own Neck Book
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