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True Back - Pain Relieving Self Traction

Did you know that 80% of us experience back pain? True Back is a gravity based self traction device for your back. Experience life without back pain!

True Back Spinal Mobilization and Gravity Powered Traction

True Back® Pain Reliever
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True Back® is a "non-powered orthopedic traction device" designed to relieve back pain, stress, tension and improve posture. True Back® is totally portable, being only two feet long and weighing about two pounds. The new True Back® is adjustable, with the foam infills in place the traction and mobilization pressure is more mild. Remove the infills and the traction effect increases. True Back is the best self-traction device for a painless, flexible spine; and was designed to stretch and mobilize the individual vertebral segments in a way somewhat similar to a subtle chiropractic adjustment, thereby relieving pain and improving posture.

True Back Complete System includes a Comfort Pillow and Detailed User Instructional Brochure

true back in use
  • Comfort Pillow for use under parts of the spine not utilizing the therapy at the moment. Could either be the cervical spine(neck) or the lumbar spine(low back) depending on chosen positioning.
  • Detailed Instructional Brocure

The gently curved shape of the device allows the head and pelvis to be passively stretched in opposite directions, the natural traction is created when the force of gravity causes an interaction between the special shape of the unit and the user's body weight. This supported 'intersegmental traction style' effect decompresses the vertebrae. With the high end towards the head the device favors the neck and upper back areas. Reverse the device with the higher end towards the base of the spine and the lower back receives most of the traction force.

Product Notes:
  1. 10405 - True Back System, Instructional Brochure and Comfort Pillow

    LATEST DELUXE MODEL: we are selling only the latest, brand new model that is shipped to you direct from the factory. There are many websites offering lower prices but they are often selling open-boxed, sometimes older models and are not disclosing such.

    RETURNS: 30-day money back guarantee. All returns must be pre-authorized by notifying Back Be Nimble customer service via email to Customer will be responsible for returning the unit in new, resalable condition, inclusive of original carton, all part, inserts and instructions. In response to your email, we will reply with the appropriate ship to address for your return. Please make sure to include a copy of your original emailed order confirmation. Upon receipt of your returned merchandise (in resalable condition), Back Be Nimble will credit you the product price. If the order was sent to you under our free ground shipping protocol, a $16.00 restocking fee will be deducted from your refund to cover the cost of original outbound shipping.

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Back Be Nimble BBB Business Review
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