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Back Be Nimble presents one of the largest online catalogs of self-care products in the world. We are constantly adding new items, or updating existing ones. Therefore, by request of our customers, we are adding this "What's New" section, so frequent visitors can go immediately to the new additions to our inventory. Click on any item to go to that item's page.

Below is a list of items that have recently been added to - or changed in - our online catalog. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information on a product, or to locate that hard-to-find item.

NEW Thumper Mini Pro Massager Rocks Deep Tissue - We should call this Thumper Mini Pro 3 because this 3rd superior rendition has the latest deep tissue technology, with spasm reducing therapeutic power. (06/21/17)

GenuTrain | GenuTrain-S | Active Knee Support - GenuTrain & GenuTrain-S, comfortable knee supports designed for the active user that continues to train while recovering from a weak knee with moderate injury. (08/08/16)

Vyper Foam Roller Vibrating Myofascial Massager by Hyperice - German-made recovery foam roller warms, stretches & improves performance, by releasing myo-fascial knots with Vyper's deep vibrational therapy. (07/25/16)

Rapid Release Pro 2 Scar Tissue Therapy Resonant Massager - RRT delivers comfortable high velocity, low amplitude percussion for non-surgical reduction of fibrotic adhesions and spasms of the musculo-skeletal system. (07/08/16)

MASTERCARE Sports - Bariatric Use Gravity Inversion - AH6 - Heavy duty sports model AH6 gravity inversion from Mastercare will handle large athletes for sports rehab while accommodating needs of doctors specializing in bariatrics. (07/01/16)


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