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Superfeet Black Insoles - LOW PROFILE

SuperFeet Insole Styles
Green Superfeet Active Green Insoles
High Profile: for footwear with removable inner soles (e.g. running, crosstrain, hiking etc.)
Blue Superfeet Active Blue Insoles
Medium Profile: for casuals and active sport with less room, often without removable inner soles (e.g. non-roomy sport shoes, oxfords and dress shoes)
Black Superfeet Active Black Insoles
Low Volume Footwear:
for snug fitting shoes (e.g. high heel up to 2", cycling, soccer, wrestling, dance, ski or skate)
Free Shipping - In the Continental USA

Superfeet Black Premium Synergizer Insoles The SynergizerTM Black InsolesTM were designed to be worn in low volume active footwear or in shoes where the heels may be higher than the forefoot. These are not only popular for womens' fashion and casual shoes with heels up to 2"; but amazing for unsurpassed comfort in shoes for : cycling, skating, dance, wrestling, soccer, track & field, and ski boots. For extra super comfort, check the memory foam top (Black DMP option).

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Superfeet SynergizerTM Black InsolesTM feature a thin profile, and provide all the benefits of Superfeet's Active Insoles with higher support profiles.

$54.99 each pair
Men's n/a 5.5-7 7.5-9 9.5-11 11.5-13 13.5-15
Women's 4.5-6 6.5-8 8.5-10 10.5-12 12.5+ n/a
Kid's(9-12yrs) 2.5-4 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
   Upgrade to Black DMP Memory Foam-Topped Soles (adds $5.00 for each pair)
SIZING: if you are borderline, choose larger size for best fit in arch. Front of insoles may be trimmed.
NOTE: Due to federal regulations on disease transmission, foot products are excluded from our 30 day return policy and may not be returned for exchange or refund.
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Answers to Typical Shopping Questions

The Synergizer Grey Capsule
#1) Rear-Foot Control Point - Only Superfeet provides this feature - to control over-pronation, thus helping keep your foot correctly aligned. Result: less stress on muscles and joints.

#2) Mid-Foot Control Point - Another Superfeet original. This area stabilizes the mid-foot. Combined with Rear-Foot Control Point, this enables you to use your skeletal strength to your advantage. Result: a very stable foot, creating less muscle fatigue and more endurances.
Kristen Ulmer - Professional free-skier
Kristen Ulmer
Professional free-skier

#3) Patented Support Bridge - This feature activates all the control points for better balance and alignment during the stride. An essential feature exclusive to Superfeet.

#4) Long-Wearing TrocellenTM Foam - Superfeet uses only high-quality, durable closed-cell foam. Result: long-lasting comfort for your pursuits.

#5) Natural Shock Absorption System - Only Superfeet uses this three-part system to naturally soften heel shock. This includes: (a) small heel pocket to center fat pad (d) slight rocker bottom to allow for some foot roll (c) soft flange to allow for some soft tissue expansion. Result: a soft landing every time.
Jeff Hamilton - World Speed Skiing Champion
Jeff Hamilton
World Speed Skiing Champion

#6) New Etc.® Top Cover Only from Superfeet
Significantly reduces friction and heat inside the shoe. Also keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Result: less moisture, blistering and bacteria.

#7) Patented Shape
Contours to your natural foot shape, which helps provide maximum contact with the ground. Result: a confident feeling of balance and control.

Product Notes:
  1. 21033 - Superfeet Black Insoles (low profile support)

    Due to federal regulations on disease transmission, foot products are excluded from our 30 day return policy and may not be returned for exchange or refund.

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